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Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's a SUNDAY ♥

I seriously am running out of time.. I have homework.. sleep debt.. volunteering.. new-year shopping.. and more...

So, I'm not gonna dilly-dally.. Straight to the point...

My look for the day
*gasps Where're the falsies?!?!

Here's something funny.. I was gonna buy an eyelash curler when I went out with my mum and she was like.. Why do you need one?!?! You eyelahes are so short you have to wear falsies.. There're are eyelashes for you to curl.. See you wear fake one...*points ar my eye.. And I was like, WHAT?!?! I'm not wearing any today.. Mama was gobsmacked!! She took a closer look at my eyes and...... She had NOTHIN' to say... MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

au naturel for Aly

Made happen with...

What I bought...
FLATS.. not on my ♥List coz I certainly ♥ high heels but special circumstances don't permit me to continue my stilettos collection... sad....

My pile of homework.

That's my Sunday.. Do rate/follow/comment...


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday♥♥ 1/2 of it spent in school

Today was the day I had to go out with Pw, Py and Jess to celebrate Pw's bd on the 21st.. It was like the usual.. me being late and annoyed that we have to watch a movie.. it's rather a waste of time, honestly... especially since i barely have time to sleep what's more watch a movie..

What's more tiring then rushing through lunch, shower and make-up after school just to go straight out of the house for someone else to watch a movie... I'm rather pissy.. My sleep debt's probably more than 50 hours.. makes me cranky.

My 20-minute look.

At the mall, I tried a whole load of stuff..

What my hand looked like after all the testing.
What I bought after that.Maggie T stuff!!!!!
I ♥ Gingerbread man!!
Adorable.. Freeee red packets.. ♥ how they're gold.. Gold is the new RED!!

All for now.. Tired me needs lots of rest..

(Although I don't look at all tired in this pic.)


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mama's BIRTHDAY!!♥

Today is mama's birthday!! Woohoo.It's January 13th...(Just ♥ Miss January here..)

Before Haagen-Dazs at 9 pm, I spent the afternoon buying stuff and doing homework (typical.)

Stickers for Alexis... (only 80 cents.. Who could resist. Baby-version of Mickey and Minnie.. Just adorable.)

I just thought I showed you the GOLD samsung phone which I got for only 200 bucks!!!

I ♥ it coz it's so compact. This is how small it is.

Later that night, before our trip to Haagen-Dazs, I obviously gave mama a prezzie!!

And what's inside...It was cherry blossom shower gel and shimmering lotion. The lotion is just AWESOME!! I ♥ Cherry Blossom.

Here was the birthday girl.. Looking radiant on her birthday..

At Haagen-Dazs...

I ♥ Waffles!
Oh and FYI, I went out with the au naturel look.. actually it was no make-up whatsoever. ;P (ok, fine, I admit I did use just a little concealer.. Just a tiny-teensy bit, I swear..)


Monday, January 12, 2009

♥Over the weekend..+ Monday.

Hey, so it's Monday Midnight.. That means it's Tuesday, but we'll ignore that.. I had quite an interesting day. For English, we were divided into groups and we were to write an essay with an opening line.. 'It was a dark and stormy night...' So here's what my team came up with.

It was a dark and stormy night. I was alone in my bedroom. I glanced out the window. There was a shining star. It looked odd in the naked sky. There was a knock on the door. I hesitated, who would still be awake at this hour? A lost tourist? Or a serial killer? Or..or a GHOST?!?!

But hey, it's way past 2. 'knock..knock..knock..' it came again. I took pepper spray and a bat. Quietly I inched towards the door. I held my breath and turned the doorknob. And you know what?

There was NO ONE.

I'm not sure if it were meant to be creepy or funny.. You decide.

So on Sunday, which was yesterday..

You are probably wondering what this case is doing. Well I bought a CAMERA!!! The one I wanted.. OMG!!!!

It's actually gold but in this pic it looks silver. Rest assured, it's GOLD. I ♥ GOLD!!

So I thought I'd retake some of the blurry pictures from my previous post.(Apologies, it was taken with my old phone)

I like this one(below) looks really comercial..

Here was my Sunday look.. purple and pink!

On monday, after all the shopping, here's my pile of homework.. Took me 4 hours to sort it out..

And here's a candid shot. I was using the smile shutter(that means the camera detects a smile and snaps a photo automatically.. explains why i look like my teeth hurt. haha)


Sunday, January 11, 2009

I just ♥ Saturdays

Hey, Saturday finally returned.. Normal Saturdays that is.. One where I have to plan where to go and push people to leave the house so I don't waste a Saturday.. Saturdays are always neglected by most.. It's the most precious day of the week.. To me anyway..

Nothing much.. Just lots of shopping.. and... I bought a new phone!! Woohoo.. It's kinda like a last minute decision coz I didn't know about the phone til somebody... So after a week of researching it.. I got the ICE-CREAM phone!! (LG-KF350 to be precise..)

Mine's white.. coz I'm a white-girl!! ok, that didn't sound right... I love whiteee!!! Something to add to my ♥ list...

Also, my mum and I did quite some shopping.. Typical.. I'm a total shopaholic.. My mum? Total opposite, she has probably never bought more than 2 things in one day... lol... But here's some of it.

I ♥ Popteen..(That's going on the list too)I think I'm addicted to L'Occitane.. (I read it as le-oxy-tane, but the salesgirl kept saying 'la-oh-see-tan'..hmmm..)This is for my mum.. (Her birthday's on Tuesday...)And I bought some of the stuff in-flight last December.

This is some of the stuff I got last December...The other half is from Korea.. Aunt was there..

Since we're talking about last December... I'll throw in a pic from last year (Which I just ♥♥♥)..

All for now.. Stay tuned to