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Monday, January 5, 2009

First day back to school ♥♥

Yes, an inevitable fact.. I still have to go to school, so first days are not going to be over for me until a very, very long time. I hate first days.. I really do. Although it's the same school I've been going for 4 years, every first day of every year is the hardest day of my life. I think it has something to do with my insecurities and the fact that I'm super shy.. okay, not super, just shy.

But, I got through the day.. After dropping things clumsily on the floor over and over again, losing my way (yup, I still do after 4 freakking years), skipping recess and drowning in sweat (the weather here is just unacceptable), I got through the FIRST DAY! MMMUUAAAhahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!

This is my NTGG (not totally girly-girl) school bag. A birthday prezzie from my dearest uncle who obviously forgot my birthday, actually, he probably didn't even know when it was.

My notebook, notepad and diary. ♥'em

So, after school (thank GOD, halelujah!!!), I had the longest lunch ever, [I didn't get too many long meals during the holidays so..] and I dozed off reading the newspaper. Nope, that's not typical of me. Yeesh, what has gotten into me? After dreaming about never-ending first days {I think that's called a 'nightmare' in some places*winkwink}, I woke up to shower and go SHOPPING!!!!! FYI, I'm a shopaholic!!!! Woohooo, holler if you are too!!!

Unfortunately-fortunate, it was just grocery shopping. I love it though, you get to buy all the junk in the world with a good excuse.

SO, I bought loads of junk food and yogurt (I♥yogurt!). and magazines.

Sheesh, silly me.. I forgot to introduce myself. Anyway, after all this blabbering, I'm sure you *points at me[that's you since you're reading out loud] (yea, I'm talking to you) would like to know ALL about me.

I'm new here and if you check out the info box--->>

You can learn tonnes about me. If you're a grouper/cat..catorrgor..catogorizer/whatever they call it, it'd only be very obvious that I'm a TGG (total girly-girl). However, I don't like Math or Science[I freaking LOVE IT!!] and my room ain't entirely pink. [I wish!!] Put your hands up for smart GG's!! I love shopping!!! Shopaholic is my middle name. Oh, and you can call me ♥Aly. And I'm the queen of hearts! I love the heart shape♥. I love♥. I love love.[if that makes sense.] People who don't know me say I look kinda arrogant[not true], people who know me say I look regal even though I am [to them] the perfect picture of a GND (Girl Next Door). No means of bragging whatsoever.. I think it's really hard to describe myself so, if you stay tuned to all my posts[turnado of it coming.. I hope], you should probably get to know me a whole lot better.

Lastly, do comment and rate♥♥

PS: I will be doing a couple of posts on my birthday[last december] coz it's too good to be missed.

Unmade-up face.. Wakakaka.

♥♥ Aly

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