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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I just ♥ Saturdays

Hey, Saturday finally returned.. Normal Saturdays that is.. One where I have to plan where to go and push people to leave the house so I don't waste a Saturday.. Saturdays are always neglected by most.. It's the most precious day of the week.. To me anyway..

Nothing much.. Just lots of shopping.. and... I bought a new phone!! Woohoo.. It's kinda like a last minute decision coz I didn't know about the phone til somebody... So after a week of researching it.. I got the ICE-CREAM phone!! (LG-KF350 to be precise..)

Mine's white.. coz I'm a white-girl!! ok, that didn't sound right... I love whiteee!!! Something to add to my ♥ list...

Also, my mum and I did quite some shopping.. Typical.. I'm a total shopaholic.. My mum? Total opposite, she has probably never bought more than 2 things in one day... lol... But here's some of it.

I ♥ Popteen..(That's going on the list too)I think I'm addicted to L'Occitane.. (I read it as le-oxy-tane, but the salesgirl kept saying 'la-oh-see-tan'..hmmm..)This is for my mum.. (Her birthday's on Tuesday...)And I bought some of the stuff in-flight last December.

This is some of the stuff I got last December...The other half is from Korea.. Aunt was there..

Since we're talking about last December... I'll throw in a pic from last year (Which I just ♥♥♥)..

All for now.. Stay tuned to


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