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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mama's BIRTHDAY!!♥

Today is mama's birthday!! Woohoo.It's January 13th...(Just ♥ Miss January here..)

Before Haagen-Dazs at 9 pm, I spent the afternoon buying stuff and doing homework (typical.)

Stickers for Alexis... (only 80 cents.. Who could resist. Baby-version of Mickey and Minnie.. Just adorable.)

I just thought I showed you the GOLD samsung phone which I got for only 200 bucks!!!

I ♥ it coz it's so compact. This is how small it is.

Later that night, before our trip to Haagen-Dazs, I obviously gave mama a prezzie!!

And what's inside...It was cherry blossom shower gel and shimmering lotion. The lotion is just AWESOME!! I ♥ Cherry Blossom.

Here was the birthday girl.. Looking radiant on her birthday..

At Haagen-Dazs...

I ♥ Waffles!
Oh and FYI, I went out with the au naturel look.. actually it was no make-up whatsoever. ;P (ok, fine, I admit I did use just a little concealer.. Just a tiny-teensy bit, I swear..)


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