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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday♥♥ 1/2 of it spent in school

Today was the day I had to go out with Pw, Py and Jess to celebrate Pw's bd on the 21st.. It was like the usual.. me being late and annoyed that we have to watch a movie.. it's rather a waste of time, honestly... especially since i barely have time to sleep what's more watch a movie..

What's more tiring then rushing through lunch, shower and make-up after school just to go straight out of the house for someone else to watch a movie... I'm rather pissy.. My sleep debt's probably more than 50 hours.. makes me cranky.

My 20-minute look.

At the mall, I tried a whole load of stuff..

What my hand looked like after all the testing.
What I bought after that.Maggie T stuff!!!!!
I ♥ Gingerbread man!!
Adorable.. Freeee red packets.. ♥ how they're gold.. Gold is the new RED!!

All for now.. Tired me needs lots of rest..

(Although I don't look at all tired in this pic.)


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