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Sunday, June 21, 2009

10 Steps & 5 Mins to a Fathers' day card

It's fathers' day! Every year, us girls have fun making cards or buying gifts for daddy coz who isn't daddy's girl? Usually my sis & I will share money for a present coz men's stuff is expensive but this year, sis is in JB and I'm here making a 5-minute card for daddy. The 'thoughtful' sister I am ;) , I signed the card for my sis so this is our shared card '09. Inspired by Xukeia's mothers' day card. SHHHH.. Don't tell her.

I did it in 5 minutes(coz I totally, totally forgot) and you can too!

PS: Don't judge me coz it's the thought that counts ;)

What you need:

~A plain or printed A4 paper
~Extra piece of paper preferably in a contrasting colour (to be used as the heart)
~2 ribbons w/ colours that match well (one see-through, the other one opaque)
~Silver paper (any reflective paper works fine or aluminium foil if you're that desperate)
~Paper clips (you can find this lying around your desk)
~Glue Stick (Any glue can be used but glue sitck doesn't make the paper 'mushy' or wrinkly if that makes sense)
~Double-sided tape

How to?
Step 1 : Fold the plain paper in half
Mine's a light gold paper with a side strip of teddy bears (ugh.. this is definitely not suited for a father).

Step 2: Draw a huge heart right in the middle and cut it out carefully.

Step 3: With the see-through ribbon on top, tie a fluffy bow and make it tight.
I'm using red because that's all I could find in my house =P

Step 4: Glue a contrasting coloured paper from the back of the heart so that the heart is coloured.
I used white because I ran out of coloured paper, try baby pink.

Step 5: Stick the ribbon in the heart.
Using a small strip of double-sided tape.

Step 6: Stick a strip of silver paper on the right-side of the card.
Use double-sided tape so it holds properly. I'm doing this step only to cover up the bears so skip this if you want to.

Step 7: Hook some paper clips together.
I used coloured one so it tones down the 'valentine'-y feel that the red ribbon gives and to make the card more "child"-ish.

Step 8: Align the string of paper clips at the top of the card.
Do this with small strips of double-sided tape so it is held strongly. You can opt for superglue but me thinks liquid-type glue is rather messy.

Step 9: Write your heart out.
Try poems or just simple lines. Make it a letter if you're into expressing yourself through writing. I suck at writing cards so I always stick to the safe 'Happy XXXX'. Use interesting coloured pens or marker pens to jazz up the card.

Step 10: Sign the card so daddy's know it's from his darling.

And taa-daaa....

So, for those of you who are busy all the time, this gives you no excuse to neglect fathers' day. Try it yourselves! Feel free to share what YOU did for daddy on fathers' day.

While making the card, I had a nice, cold cup of barley water. More commonly found in Malaysia. The brown water is actually brown sugar (coz I have a sweet-tooth), in case you were wondering.

Have a great fathers' day.


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