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Sunday, June 21, 2009

After 6 hours:Sasa HD Foundation Review

So I got this Sasa HD Foundation 03 Vanilla Beige in my previous haul and here's the promised review on it.

I bought it after reading kimoko's review and another review.

On the bottle it says: "This light weight formula offers perfect coverage with a natural soft, matte finish. Its hydrating fluid glides on seamlessly to give you a flawless luminous complexion."

Click to see full post on that day.

Well, I guess it is easy to blend cause it's more on the liquid side, it's not very viscous. Getting me all hyped up for the results wasn't a good thing. I was kinda glowing more in a peachy way. Making my features stand out? Well, that's cause I contoured(photo #2). So it's hard to say. One thing I can definitely say is that it really minimized my pores and black heads were all gone(photo#1). After 6 hours however(maybe a little longer, I really don't remember =P), I looked like the local Char Kuey Teow, i.e. I was so oily (photo #2) I could fry an egg on my face and it wouldn't stick. lol. Here are the photos after 6 hours.



Sasa HD Foundation. To get or not to get?

The Good:
1.Easy to blend(fool-proof for beginners)
2.Minimizing pores(for those w/ blackhead, whiteheads and anything in between)
3.Good for camera(If you have a huge event)
4.Luminous and glowy skin as promised
5.It's really cheap for a HD Foundation (RM 39.90)

The Bad:
1.No oil control whatsoever(if you have oily/combination skin, this is a huge NO. unless you're gonna keep visiting the ladies' to powder your face)
2.Enhancing facial features?? I doubt it.
3.Not exactly perfect coverage.

The verdict: 3/5
I have combination skin, I dislike visiting the ladies and I don't know how to fry eggs. I love how my pores 'disappeared' but only for special photoshoots I would use this. It is easy to blend but we all gotta learn how to blend properly someday, right? Anyways, you decide. (and leave a comment)


3 people say ❤...:

Jian said...

Woah that really *does* have no oil control!

I always dust my face with loose matte powder, particularly if I've used a non-oil control foundation! It keeps the 'shine' away!

I'm wondering though, what does that foundation contain to make you look like you've stepped out of a shower after 6 hours?? O_O

P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog =)

**Aly said...

do you mean the peachiness or the oiliness? Well, I've disposed of the box and the bottle says nothing about the ingredients.

Tried the website as well,, and apparently sasa hd foundation doesn't even exist. *Sheesh So sorry. should have kept the packaging.

theotherworldly said...

Maybe you could put a primer to control the oil (can't always rely on the foundation...) and pile more translucent powder to suck up the oil.

That said, your skin is still really smooth and flawless, I can't see whatever blackheads you're talking about :)