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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After 6 hours:MM Skin Lingerie

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This is Majorlica Majorca's Skin Lingerie which is a makeup base targeted for people w/ oily skin because it has oil control. It costed me RM 35 but it was on discount so I have no idea how much it was originally. I forked out this amount of money on a makeup base (I never use makeup bases coz I try to reduce the amount of gunk I put on my face&I'm broke) coz Connie had previously raved about it so I couldn't resist =P . The following is my review along with some PROOF (photos) of this miracle in a tiny bottle.

Since the Sasa HD Foundation, I've pretty much lost faith in anything that claims to have oil control as I figured it was impossible for my combination skin to stay matte without loose powder and the like. So, as skeptical as I was, I used the Skin Lingerie in my Summer look to keep the look at a bare minimum.

Getting to my point, the product's texture is very similar to a good moisturizer and it was easy to apply. It was light and my skin felt supple after application. It wasn't greasy or anything so it just disappeared on my skin. It didn't do anything great and it definitely didn't reduce my pores like Sasa HD Foundation did but from now on, I'm not gonna expect anything of the products I review so I start from an un-biased point of view. I consider it a miracle because I believe that it takes a miracle to keep my skin shine-free after 6 hours.

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So, I used it alone w/o any foundation or primer and after 6 hours...

1. It has excellent oil cntrol. (even without any products on, my face oils up anyways)
2. It made my face feel smooth.(me likee)
3. It's quite cheap for a makeup base.(RM 35 are you kidding me? That's like 10USD)
4. It was light (didn't feel a thing, I even forgot I was wearing it)

The BAD: None but if I was pushing it, maybe the bottle was a little unhygienic to some people.

The Verdict: ❤❤❤❤
I still give it 5 stars not because I'm unhygienic but because I'm too hygienic that I always wash my hands before putting on makeup so the bottle doesn't bug me at all. This product is recommended to everyone especially to those w/ combination/oily skin. There is no reason not to get it unless a) you're really broke(I still bought it and I'm really broke) or b) you have too many makeup bases. Actually, b) is not really an excuse because this is perfect and what's this itty-bitty bottle compared to your ginormous collection of makeup bases?? Hygiene shouldn't be a problem either because you should always wash your hands anyway, especially if you're gonna put some makeup on.

Here a LOL photo I took yesterday.

* Wonder where the lashes were planning to go to...


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