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Friday, June 5, 2009

Celeb Look-Alike #1 : Taylor Swift ❤

Yesterday I did the Taylor Swift look out of sheer boredom so keep reading for the how-to on this turquoise, under-the-sea look.

So, I started with foundation. Now I'm using the L'oreal White Perfect Liquid Foundation because I got this sample from IDK where and it's about time I finished the thing. Whether or not it gave me pearly radiance, I'm not too sure but I think it provides more coverage and it's perfect for photo shoots but not normal day-outs. It's really 'gunk-y'? Like really thick. It's not easy to blend this foundation and I'm the late-in-the-mornings kinda person so I definitely won't be buying this one. The oil-control factor is lacking because immediately after application I looked kinda shiny. Maybe you would call it a subtle sheen but for combination-oily skin, this foundation is not good because after 2 hours, I started to look oily, like a doughnut dunked into oil before it turned into a doughnut? Okay, that's exaggerating.

Then, I prepped my lids with an eye-base. This one's from Stage. I'm not sure why I bought it but I the packaging.

After smoothing the eye base on the whole lid, I used a silver eyeshadow on the inner corners all the way up to the browbone. This one's from MAC when they had a collection with Juicy Couture, a long, long time ago. It's unique because it's not just glittery, it's 'sheen-y'.

After that's done, I used a turquoise eyeshadow on the lids following the shape below highlighted in red. The colour should be concentrated in the lid and faded towards the eyebrow. Oh, by the way, This colour is from the MAC Hello Kitty collection's Too Dolly palette. The turquoise is just perfect. I'm pretty sure Red Earth has a turquoise almost similar as this but a little less pigmented so it's foolproof.

Then, I use a deep sea blue to give the wing more definition. The colour is the middle one in the palette below and this palette is from Maybelline, a long, long time ago.

And this is what it looks like altogether. *sorry bout the pickies, the light is seriously washing-out
all of that turquoise. I'll fix it the next time round.

And then, I used my Chanel Kohl eyeliner (from my fabourite aunt, also years ago) to define my upper lash line. You don't have to be too careful with the line because you will have to smudge it later on.

And so, i smudged it with an angled flat brush.(I'm not sure where mine's from..) And using the same deep blue, I lined my lower lashline. Try nt to use too much colour because it can really make the eyes look tired.

Once I'm done with that, I used eyeliner on my waterline(that's the pink line that separates the lashes from the eye) and i smudged it with a brush, pulling the colour slightly downwards.

Then, my favourite part of all, false eyelashes. I bought this one in China for like a dollar. It's rather too shiny for my liking and it's super-hard base makes it seriously uncomfortable, but for a dollar, I'm not complaining. Now, as you can see in this pic, the glue may look white when it's still wet but don't fret becuase it will dry transparent.

And for the lower lashes, I used Splashproof Mascara from MAC. It's not really volumizing or lengthening, just waterproof so next time, I will probably use it as a top coat for those rainy days. ;)

Oh and, if you smudge, don't panic! Just use a Q-tip (or cotton bud, if you call it) to run through the smudges. For waterproof mascara, you might wanna dip the Q-tip in a little make-up remover before running through the smudges. Alternatively, hold business card under your lashes when you put on mascara for those of you with shaky hands(haha). So, this is what it looks like.

Then, never forget blush, because it's the key to a rosy complexion. I'm using Stage's cheek colour in Iris. It's very smooth and I like how it looks really natural. Use it on the apple of the cheeks and a teensy-little more on the forehead nose and chin.

Finally, I used Stila lipliner in Pink to line my lips and The Body Shop lipgloss on my lips. I just the scent of this lipgloss.

What it looks like.


Okay, so after sticking some (cheap economical) rhinestones (which I also bought ages ago), I did my best copy-cat pose of Taylor. Here it is, the blank stare at the spider web on the wall.

Haha, all the laughs for now.


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