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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Closed on Tues: Aroi


Learn more about the look in the next post.

Another boring Saturday.

I went to church for Youth Fellowship.. I know it's wrong to wonder but wth am I doing there?
I really don't know seeing as I don't even go to church.. But I can't just stop all of a sudden without a good excuse. I don't have an excuse.
This brings me back to 4 months ago when I said... 'Has anyone watched YES! man?' At that point, I was really bugged by my social inactivity(ps: always happens during the earlier part of the year) and I was inspired to say YES to any healthy, reasonable social activity that crossed my path. And just that afternoon, J asked me if I wanted to join her Youth at St. Andrew's and I thought.. Why not? After all, I do consider myself a Christian despite only attending church during Christmas..

And 4 months later, I'm stuck here at Youth every Saturday. It's not that it's really that bad.. Sometimes I do enjoy some of their games but most of the time I just feel awkward and I can't really fit in. Because the Youth program runs for a half hour every Saturday evening, I never really get to chat up with anyone so I only REALLy talk to J and I really didn't have to do anything coz we had met ealier in school. She's a classmate of mine. I know a few more new peple from Youth but basically it's just maybe four, or five more people to say Hi to when I bump into them in the mall or where ever. I am seriously lost. What did I expect from this in the first place? 5 new BFFs? or a new gang of friends to hang out with? Well, I got neither and thus, I feel lost and stuck at this program and am only remaining because I have no reason to leave.

emo-ness ends here.
Anyways, back to the point, yesterday, we had Thai food!! At this place called Aroi, it's a Thai Restaurant which I found in the newspaper (The Star: they have restaurant listings every friday) on Friday. Address: 387, Jalan Burma. That's in Penang so if you are living in Penang or just droppng by, do check it out. On the newspaper, the restaurant claims to have a real Thai chef and their recommended dishes are the Pandan Chicken, Pork Leg, Mango salads and Green Curry Chicken.

It's located on a busy street so at 8pm-dinner time, it ain't easy to find a carpark. Anyways, in the restaurant, there was of course, some funky lighting. The place was rather new and it was painted a brownish grey. The table setting was simple, just a monotoned cloth and a glass cover. The place was small but they do have a 2nd floor. It was a cozy restaurant I would say.

So, we had:
1. Mango Salad w/ baked chicken
2. Green Curry Chicken
3. Tom Yam Seafood Soup
4. Glass Noodles w/ prawns
5. Fried Kang Kong (Fried Water Convolvous)
6. Water Chesnut (Dessert, YAY!)

And well, I have to say I loved the mango salad (I usually don't even touch it but I've been feeling weird lately). It had some nuts in it and it just tasted great. The baked chicken which was in the sidelines was even better. The Tom Yam Seafood Soup was delicious, I didn't really eat the seafood in it (seafood is not my favourite thing to eat) except the mushrooms(s'okay) but the soup I just couldn't get enough of. And for the Kang Kong (Water Convolvous), I liked the gravy because all that was in it was the vege and garlic(boy do I love garlic). As for the Glass noodles, I didn't try it because I'm not a fan (sad to say) and of course, Water Chestnut was great. I love eating at Thai Restaurants because of the dessert basically, lol.
ps: No pictures taken coz I still can't get myself to do such a weird thing.

At the restaurant, while waiting for food (it took at least 30 minutes), I had all the time in the world to think alone coz eating out w/ my parents means them talking about weird stuff I wouldn't understand and me just observing the restaurant until I get bored and start thinking about random stuff like what I'm going to do next Saturday. I was in a rather bad mood because of the whole Youth situation but after tasting the food, I was instantly in a bright and sunny mood. Maybe both moods were caused by my immense hunger coz the food wasn't exactly the greatest.

Anyways(3rd time I used this word, this post is getting rather long), while I was observing everything, from the lighting to the wall colour to the table cloth, a girl in her mid-20s caught my eye. At first glance, she was just a plain jane who was maybe just a little dressed up but after a few long looks (not stares, I don't stare =) ) I realise how she was a huge perfectionist. She was eating w/ her parents too and the way she handled her food was just so.. PERFECT??

1. She had to arrange the dishes properly on the table.
2. She had to minimize the noise she was making by gently moving her cutlery.
3. She had to put everything on her plate neatly before she could dig in.
4. She had to make sure everything crumb was set on the spoon w/o sticking out before she could put it in her mouth.
5. She was dressed in a white top and electric blue skirt (*whispers: Perfectionist)
6. She had on earrings, a ring, a bracelet but no necklace (w/ the necklace, she'll seem to accessorised so minusing one item, she just right)
7. She was wearing these Silver platform stilettos and they look like Aldo's (hate her already)
7. Her hair was half up and it was divided in perfection
8. She took pictures of her food (What ?!?!?)

LOL, I presume
a) she's another blogger(tonnes out there)
b) she's keeping a food diary (maybe she has weight problems.. who knows these days..)

But she definitely liked eating coz every once in a while she'd check out what the other tables were having(I saw that). And she has the slightest pot belly.

I'm such a freak but seriously, watching people is fun. Anyway, all this brought me to thinking: Every detail about a person says something about them but when deciphered the wrong way, it can cause much confusion. Like somedays I have a teeny-tiny pot belly and it's not coz I ate too much but because I have water retention coz I don't drink enough water and eat too much salt (it can be cured by adding some lemon drops in water BTW). And everyone has imperfections but we try hard to hide it(most people anyway).

Another observation I made was that most guys(mid-40s) who wear slippers out tend to like taking'em off while seated at a dining table. Gross. And, and, a woman(mid-50s) was wiping off her lipsitck before she dug into her food (that's odd), I guess some people do believe that eating lipstuff is bad for health.

Back to the point, if I had to rate the restaurant(I like rating stuff), I'd give it 2 out of 5.
That's coz the food was average. The curry chicken was better at Siam Express (Gurney) and the Tom Yam was great but every Thai restaurant I've been to has great Tom Yam soup. As for the baked chicken and mango salad, those two will be the only reason I come back to this restaurant(oh and the chesnut, if ever) Wasn't the greatest so far and minus some points because I was damn hungry when the food arrived(didn't I mention?).

After dinner, bought:

^ I've decided to take on the Garnier challenge sometime mid-July. So wait for it.

Last Friday, Gigi had a haircut. Well, it's shaved bald now (daddy's fault) and since then, it's been quite sick.. Ear infections, obsessive scratching, eye infection... The poor thing, plus it's still traumatized by that visit to the vets.

^ Someone looks like a dinosaur


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