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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Embracing CHANGE!+Mom's haul at Heathrow.

Nope, I'm not talking about political change, it's an image change. Okay, that's a bit exaggerated, it's a hair cut.

Reasons to avoid having haircuts.
1. I hate hair salons
They always have some funny, rubbery smell which creeps me out and I feel totally suffocated when I get my hair-cut.

2. I hate short hair
Not because I look disastrous (maybe I do), not because I have a big head (but I do) but because I've been forced to have short hair for 5 years now. Not just short, like four-fingers-under-the-earlobe short. If you haven't been a local student in Malaysia during high school then maybe you wouldn't understand what I'm saying at all. Previously I had slightly medium-length hair because I was allowed to keep it for a ballet exam but after the exam my hair was supposed to be short again except I already delayed it for 3 months so when I was founded out.. I pretty much got yelled at and my dignity is on the floor. Anyways..

3. The hair-stylist always makes my hair too short!

But anyway, I really wonder where our rights have been buried? As if short hair benefits the evil people at all, I bet they just feel happy that we're all ugly and that we'd die like them, spinsters w/o anybody. But enough w/ the bitterness, I've been ranting about it the whole day so I'll get straight to the point. It's pointless to fight these evil bitches because their so miserably happy making girls cry and forcing girls to crop their hair into shit. Sometimes the excuse is tradition and whatnot but whatever they say, there is just no justice in forcing anyone to adopt short hair, no makeup and ugly nails. This is like autonomy, what happened to democracy and freedom? Why are we still so cavemen-like acting so uncivilised and making it a huge pain just to see us die ugly. I really hope they realise how much evil they've casted upon our young girls and that they get twice or triple the payback.

Back to the CHANGE. I had a haircut and what so great about it?? It was exactly the opposite of what I thought it would be (refer to 'Reasons to avoid having a haircut').


Frizzy, Untamed, Bushy and Overgrown.


^ What I got is a safe bob-like cut and I got my fringe trimmed a little.
Shiny, Tamed, Neat and Trimmed to perfection.

I totally recommend you guys to this salon, I'm pretty sure they have quite a few branches in Malaysia.
1. No weird smell in the salon(the one I went to anyway).
2. Good Customer service.
3. The hair stylist I got, Ichiro(he looked rather Japanese but I'm pretty sure his not, maybe half?) was very meticulous so I was pretty happy and he was very friendly.

Basically, I've fallen in w/ this salon and I'm definitely going there for all my haircuts...

This really reminds me of...

^My favourite aunt.. She raised me from when I was 1 til 4. She's like my second mother.

And just when I was thinking of her, J and Mom came home from airport. J went to JB and Mom was at Morocco. So happens this aunt bought some food for me and passed them to J so... Here it is.. The infamous Famous Amos cookies.. definitely my favourite and some Japanese brand of prawn crackers.. Calbee which my aunt got from Singapore. So sweet of her.. Always trying to make me chubby like I used to be.. Ahh, the old times.

Mom, on the other hand, got me some weird looking wooden camels (not complaining) and BURBERRY!!! Arr!! My mom's a huge Burberry fan eversince her first purse from Burberry which she has then passed down to me (it's pretty torn up).. So while stopping at Heathrow airport on her way back from Morocco (some conference), she did some shopping! (very rare coz she ain't a shopaholic, the only one who isn't in our family =P) I'm so gonna go crazy when I go to Heathrow airport.. Just waiting for it... So, Here it is, my new .. I thought it looked a little man-ly at first but I guess for such an expensive purse, I can't complain. I love it anyways.

I just ❤ the Burberry lining...

Comfort food: Kinder Bueno and Farmhouse Fresh Milk.
Without'em, I wouldn't be so strong today...(lol)


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