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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

♥ Evian: Water from the French Alps!

This is exactly what you get when daddy goes for a golf competition sponsored by EVIAN!!!
I'm not sure what's with this brand of mineral water. It's expensive and it tastes bland-er than the usual mineral water. Containing all kinds of minerals that I didn't even know existed in water, I had all least 3 mugs of it.. Anyway, this is the whole picture.

This includes:

2 bottles of mineral water, a cute case, a comb
2 cans of facial spray(one is travel size)4 of these key chains(they light up when radiation is around)And best of all, a Jean Paul Gautier limited edition glass bottle of water.(I'm definitely starting a glass bottle collection.)

This actually happened last week.. Thought you should know.


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