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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fetching Alexis!

My look for the evening was pretty simple coz we were fetching my favourite aunt and Alexis.

All this just made me feel like a little girl again. It's a long story. ^Can't you tell I was extremely excited? Haha, I'm always excited though. But anyway, we went to the airport and best of all, we brought Gigi in the car!! Ahhhh!! It was freakin' happy.. I think it's one of those dogs that loves going out no matter where.

^This photo here I wanna share because it looks like a butterfly just bit my nose.. Haha. I think it's the passing cars and my slow shutter that makes all these weird fireworks.. Do share if you have tips on how to work a slow shutter. Oh, by the way, that's Gigi and it's super cute, super soft, super cuddly! It feels just like a pillow, boy I feel like sleeping it, This is the 2nd time we took Gigi in the car out to places. It gets so excited that it starts panting vigorously and moving around jerkily, isn't it adorable. When we went to the hawker centre somewhere near Bandar Baru (do you know where that is? Me neither), I left it on a stool. This passing girl suddenly went OMG! and her boyfriend was like, 'What's wrong?' And she squealed, 'The dog! It's so cute!' haha. She made a huge scene but thank god she didn't come and pet it. She just kept OMG-ing and then the couple left. Phew! I was freaked out. Not sure why, she gave me the creeps. Anyway, we had fun feeding Gigi char kuey tiao, jelly and satay. She was really, really happy (ecstatic?). When we came home, Gigi kept following me closely, I guess the whole outing today made it feel more bonded to me now. Hah Joyce!

PS: Tomorrow's XUKEIA's turn!! YAY!


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