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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Italian food: Not a fan!

So today, after dinner, J insisted that we went for Italian food. Obviously she refused to eat anything home-cooked, so we were all forced to go to Pizza Restaurante. Originally, I vowed not to eat anything Italian because time and again, I always regret it because a) It's always cheese-y and very fattening and b) It makes me feel like puking after. But, I ended up having a freshly-squeezed orange juice, panna cota and gelato.

Let's go through this slowly, panna cota is a popular dessert in Italy. Although I didn't take a picture of mine but here one I got off the net. It's this custard-tasting, jelly-looking thing drenched in raspberry sauce and with some pistachios on top. It's my first ever and I must say, it's repulsive! No offense to those of you who are Italian-food lovers or Italians, but I hated it. It tasted like milk powder with sweet sauce. Worst of all, I just noted that pistachio is not one of my favourite nuts. Maybe the restaurant wasn't the best for panna cota but I'm pretty sure I won't be having it ever again.

Hmm... no pistachios on this one.

Gelato, is actually Italian version of ice-cream. Here's the funny part, the 'gelato' tasted exactly like Nestle Chocolate ice cream, which is probably 5 dollars for a huge tub. And when the bill came, the tiny scoop of chocolate ice-cream, which I gulped down in 2 spoons costed 6 dollars more or less. However, I'm not complaining because mum met an old friend at the restaurant and the guy paid for our bill before he left. Sadly, I ordered my ice-cream after he paid so we paid 5.93 dollars for the whole meal. J had some cheese-y pizza and bruschetta. I think I'll stick to bruschetta the next time I go for Italian.

That's all for now. Oh wait!

After dinner, we went to the supermarket, this was at 9.45pm just when they were closing. We barged in and bought some olives and baguette. All because I had a crazy idea to make bruschetta at home. And I did, but it was quite bad although I haven't given up on the idea.

That's really all for now.


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