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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Japanese food : w'okay..

This all happened last Saturday:

I started my day at 11am. Went for class and I had to whip up this look in like, half an hour. Impossible for me anyways. Technically I was doing the Las Vegas-inspired look from Connie but it turned out like a Batu Feringhi look? Haha. But I used turquoise, gold and black.

After class, we went to Queensbay!! We had, linner(lunch and dinner) at 3 pm. That was at TGIFridays. Here's Alexis enjoying a chicken finger. I guess it's in her stomach already.

And at 5pm, we went to fetch XUKEIA!

Of course, we had camwhoring sessions. Okay, so this is the funny part, Half-way-through camwhoring in the car, this motocyclist slammed on ur car and rolled down the road. OMG, everyone was so shocked and my aunt went down to help the girl. She was bleeding and she kinda lost some of her eyebrow. Fortunately she was still alive and she only needed some money to pay for the bills and then we were off. The accident shocked everyone and Alexis, who was really confused (BTW, she's 3 by next week) said that the girl drop an eye. Haha, she really didn't get the eyebrow thing.

Moving on to dinner, we had it at this Japanese restaurant.

I love this lamp. It's so cute. I wonder how much it must cost. ^

^ And this is a very odd-looking toothpick holder.

^ The food was even more intriguing. This is tofu, chilled tofu. Not sure if it was good, I really hate tofu.

^ This was what I had. It's actually the gravy for the cold soba. I know it's not exactly weird, but I think that;s raw egg in a bird egg's shell. BTW, I skipped the egg.

^ This was the Soba. It's cold but the gravy made it taste delicious (oishii desu). If you ever go for Japanese, this is what you should order.

After all that, we went home with our newly-created pot-belly. Hah, it's the holiday season, a season of eating and having fun.

My loot at Stage earlier in the day. I got the nail polish at half price after buying the first item. I think this offer ends on the 9th of June. The colour I bought is 02 Delicate. It's this beautiful pink with gold shimmers. It's really pretty.

I couldn't resist but to paint my nails immediately but I think the nail polish dries to fast so the nail polish in the bottle started to get gloopy. I had to add a couple drops of nail polish remover to get it going again.


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