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Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Friday ❤

Today (which was yesterday)...

The look was done with the Majorlica Jeweling Palette + Nude lips.

^ Here's a joke I found in the Magazine onflight. Lol. I was damn bored.

^ This is a view of Penang. Beautiful eh? It was a rather sunny day in Penang but rainy in KL (figuratively as well)

We (Xukeia & I) were taking a flight back to KL. Were stuck in the Subang airport for an hour coz of bad scheduling.. =(

But, the good news was, I found this super comfy cushion and I used the Starbucks wireless even though I was 20 metres away (slight exaggeration ;) ) and Xukeia insisted on sitting at this secluded table in Starbucks even though we didn't buy anything.. Ended up buying a blueberry muffin in the end. Lol. But it was fun. I love the new Subang airport. It's still under construction but this lighting is just b-e-a-u-tiful. It really reminds me of the milky way and I don't actually know what a milky way looks like. Haha.

When we finally reached Times Square ( ;) thanks to Mr. Driver) and borrowed someone's card up to the right floor, it turns out that no one was at home. And worst, they were gonna take another half hour!! OMG!! But I was tired of being pissed.. (yes, it can be tiring especially when the day only gets worse)

^ In the lift, all excited to finally settle down and start blogging. Only to end up here (below), with no keys to enter the home sweet home.

^ We looked hilarious sitting on the carpet taking random pictures of everything possible and it was damn hot.

After half an hour, we got in and I couldn't resist just staying at home and reading more blogs. I think I've run out of energy for today (Friday).

More tomorrow.


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