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Monday, June 29, 2009


Ever had one of those days where you wake up like a cranky bitch and every little thing bugs the hell out of you? Like the constant laughter from people who just never stop smiling, occasional hello's from people you don't like, smiles from people you don't know, too many questions about your weekend when you don't wanna talk about it, even stupider questions that you don't bother answering like 'Why are you having sandwich for lunch? I thought you don't fancy eating bread?' or 'Is it okay if you lend me this mask but I accidentally break it? You don't need it, right?' God, I do and it's called lending not giving-away-coz-I'm-such-a-rich-ass-I-could-buy-100-more-if-I-wanted-to for a reason.

Enough of rambling, onto a less important agenda of today, I have a friendly netball match in school later and I'm already drained out by my boring weekends. Maybe it's coz of all these vivid dreams that I've been having lately but can't seem to remember.

Oh and let's welcome Guess Who who has been checking in regularly (*sing-song voice: stalking..) to my blog. Not so mysterious after all, eh?

J has revived (at least the 3rd time now) her previously deleted Friendster, Facebook and whatnot so I won't have much of the internet.

I know you couldn't care less ;)

Not in the mood,

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My-My said...

haha, I have those days. and I hate it that when I'm on those days I'm trying to be CIVIL at least, so I just say, "hi." and want to keep as that no conversation or anything. and then the person says, "hi" back RUDELY, as if they are having those days too. and I'm all thinking, "Bitch, I'm TRYING to be NICE!" and then I'm even MOOOORE pissed! haha.

Hope your day brightens.

My-My said...

Oh yeah, maybe i should add that I'm a new follower. lol. *duh, my bad*

Lovely blog! :)

**Aly said...

Lol, thanks, a lot...

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