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Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Look ❤

^ This milo tin was really inspiring. I had a mug of milo before I started this look as well.

I cooked up a look yesterday from . I just love all her eyeshadow. Anyway, I've been doing a tonne of blog-reading (explains the new ❤links list) and I decided to steal her look but do view her page before you carry on with this post. She's just amazing and now she's officially on my ❤links list.

Click to go to the page.

^ That's the best I could do. Seriously, I'm gonna get one of those high-tech cameras because no matter how much eyeshadow I pack on, it doesn't really show. I've tried setting my ISO to the lowest during day-time but it still looks washed out. Anyway, sorry bout the white lines, took the picture before it dried.

Who could resist cam-whoring??

Anyways, back to the look..

Green, turquoise & gold+Lots of glitter+Winged eyeliner+Super thick eyelashes+Nude lips=
My New Official Summer Look!!

Haha, maybe minus the glitter. I was wearing so much though it didn't really show. Oh and I finally tried out my new Sasa High-Definition Foundation. It's fab. I'll review in the next post. I'll used all the products below. The Elianto pallete is actually a customized one. They have the cheapest eyeshadows ranging from 5-12 dollars and it's in a refillable pan so you have to buy a case to put it in. I only got 3 colours in this case I bought ages ago (yet another old product in my makeup shelf) and I used this dirty green colour. It's actually 2-toned once it's blended out which makes it good to use on it's own but I think I'm over the dirty-green/army look. I only used the turquoise in the MAC HK Too Dolly palette and the MAC Lipstick Lustre in Way To Love (Rose-a-Romance) and the new Maybelline Cat-eyes Mascaras (OMG! It's just so.. so.. fabulous!!). I'll review that and the Sasa HD foundation once I've got some pictures to show you guys. The Stage Eye-priming base was used in this look as well. I'm not sure why I bought it but is ok. The silver glitter eyeshadow is from Cyber Colours.

Another post coming up soon.


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