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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday at an Airport


I used:
Sasa HD Foundation (will review another day)
Elianto eyeshadow in Purple
MAC Cult of Cherry Miss Fortune Pearl Glide eyeliner
Fasio Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Anna Sui blusher in 700 (might be 800 but it's a bronzy blush with some glitter)
MAC Rose A Romance Lipstick in Way To Love

Today was the day I had to go back to Penang. Due to last-minute decisions and lack of proper packing, I was rushing to the airport at lunch time with no idea what flight to be taking.

^ On the way to pick E from Sunway to follow us to KLIA-LCCT, E bought MacD! So this is how you can drink your coke in the car if someone conveniently forget to get a straw. ;)

^ Before E & ee dumped me, we were at Coffee Bean where I ate my favourite Chicago cheesecake (maybe it was New York, I never remember). E had Raspberry Esprit. I used my laptop to surf but the connection was HORRIBLE. Man, was I pissed. It was 4 hours before my flight and I had nothing better to do than play shitty solitaire and minesweeper.(No offence to those who enjoy playing)

I always had this fear of missing my flight when I travel alone. So,
a) I never put earphones on
b) I don't really talk on the phone
c) I try to follow the crowd

All this to avoid missing the announcement for the boarding call. I'm really paranoid. I imagine myself missing the flight and getting stuck in the airport till I find a way out. Don't you?

While pushing my trolley to the check-in counter, I accidentally rolled over a guy's toe. He smiled sweetly and apologised (??) to me. Obviously I did too and I heard him hiss in pain when I moved on. Poor guy! I'm sorry, bad trolleying skills here. Did I mention the LCCT in KLIA looks exactly like a warehouse? Well, it does, and I prefer Subang airport a lot better. With their comfy couches, Milky-Way lighting (link) and quiet atmosphere, it beats any airport, but it only caters to FireFly flights, I heard.

I met an Auzzie girl (I assume) who blocked my trolley in Coee Bean when I was leaving. She gave me the sweetest smile! and moved her trolley apologising. What's with all these sweet smiles and apologising today??

^ On the plane, I was so bored. Fortunately I sat beside this couple and they feel fast asleep even before the plane took off, that means total privacy and zero noise.

Later daddy had to stop at his hospital to see a patient so I had to wait in the emergency room where people kept asking me if I were sick. When they found out I was Dr. L's daughter, they just kept ooh-ing and ahh-ing like I was an extincting species in the zoo. Awkward..

^ This was my surprise when I finally came home. Mogu-mogu!! Strawberry flavour that is. It's like irregularly-shaped Nata de Coco's. I lurv, lurv, lurve it! J and mom went to Gurney so this was my treat. I first tried it at Sakae Sushi. I'm not sure where else you can get this..

More on How to Have a Comfortable Flight later on.

LOLa (Laugh out loud always)~

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smilecusiluvu said...

ooo that mogu mogu drink looks yummy!

**Aly said...

haha. it really is. but i think peach tasted better. try it sometime!

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