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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Unexpected Wednesday...BIG haul

FOYD (Face of yesterDAY):

Products used:
~Majorlica Majorca Jeweling Palette BR 799
~Kate Eyeshadow Palette EX-2
~Fasio Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Black
~False Eyelashes
~Elianto Blush in 05 Desert Rose
~Stage Lipliner in 02 Spice Seduction
~MAC Rose A Romance Collection Way To Love Lipstick

^ This pic here really reminded me of Alicia Keys and while googling her, I found a whole shitload of forums on how she possibly had plastic surgery. Nonsense, they didn't know a science fact: Our noses will keep growing until we die.

^ I really have to stand up for her.
1. Both shots were taken from different angles so slight changes in nose shape is negligible.
2. She was still a kid, obviously her nose will change, if not, we'll all look like we were 10.
3.The slight changes can be explain by makeup, she could have easily gotten a good makeup artist to contour her face and

So anyway, back to my Wednesday..

^ It was breezy outside.. And, lol, I wore lip gloss.

^ Random pic of Gigi before I left the house.

^ Had a MacD ice-cream. I love their ice-creams and it so cheap, 1.70. These are candid shots while I tried to snap pictures w/ one hand after struggling to take camera out of bag w/ one hand. haha

^ I tend not to use public toilets because a) I don't drink much H-2-oh b) so I don't pee much and c) eww to public toilets!! So this is what to do when you're bored and your friend, needed to use the toilet, CAMWHORE. Don't ask what the 2nd pic is coz I don't know either. LOL

^ Went to all the drugstores, Etude House and Stage so this is what my hand looked like after that. Somehow everything looks so washed out on camera. I wonder if that's my photography skill problem.

So after spending 5 hours at Queensbay with A, here is my BIG haul(big for someone's who's broke..hhahah):

Click picture to see full size.

^ I had to get this after reading Pinky Plue's review on her brushes. It' quite cheap for a quality Duo Fibre Brush. I can't wait to use it! The length of the brush is the same as the length of my wrist to finger tip. It's smaller compared to MAC's and it's perfect for blush because it fits right at the apples of the cheeks. The white bit is goat hair so it's very soft while still dense.

^ I ended up buying two eye shadows from Etude. 9.90 each and I've never bought anything Etude. I wasn't intending to but the packaging really caught my eye, plus, I could use some highlighting colours(excuses). Regardless of which, I'm so excited to try these babies out on Saturday..

^ This is more of a light yellow, gold sheen. I ❤❤❤ this shade because I always, ALWAYS use this shade(previously, I've been using a Maybelline eyeshadow which is almost exactly this colour). Perfect for highlighting.

^ This eyeshadow looks peachy but when swatched, it is silver-ish with lots of glitter flecks. The texture is quite similar to the Majorlica Majorca Jeweling Eye Palette. Don't ask me why I bought this too but it was irresistable. Ever since Fuz did some looks with the Majorlica palettes, I've gotten a huge craving for shimmery shades.

^ Top: Bottom: YL802 Golden Lemon and #04 Gold Beige

^ Etude House Tear Drop Liner #2. It has glitter and it's on the gold side but it really doesn't show on the swatches below. This liner is really good for party days. Too bad it's not waterproof. And I bought it only because I was given a 30% discount on any eyeliner after a 30 dollar purchase. =P But, I really like it anyways.

^ Top-Bottom: Tear Drop Liner #2, YL802 Golden Lemon and #04 Gold Beige

^ OMG! I officially have an Etude House Beauty Passport. I get really excited when I get a promotion or membership cards, makes me feel so special.. I know, I know, damn those sales gimmick.. For more info on Etude House: Click!

^Stage Picture Perfect Pencil Camouflage in Creme Brulee. This wasn't on my shopping list but the sales assistant impressed me when he said this pencil acts as a concealer after applying make-up, that is it doesn't need any loose powder to hold and it's perfect for defining the edges of the lips and reduces discolouration(exactly what I need). It doesn't smudge apparently.(O.O) I saw their Summer (or was it Fall) Eyeshadow Palettes and they are just lovely, very pigmented and very energetic colours. I've decided not to splurge on eyeshadow palettes, otherwise I would have so bought it.(which I will once I have enough money that is ;) )

^ Majorlica Majorca Skin Lingerie with OD control is perfect for those who oil up after a few hours with make-up on. It reduces shine and acts as a make-up base which is also good for those who wear foundation often because it is a barrier for your skin against ingredients in foundations and concealers that cause acne. Read the Connie's review on this.

^ This Velcro hair holder was a gift from a friend, J. ❤U! It is available at Sasa, 2 pieces for 9.90.

^ It works better than hairbands and hair pins because it doesn't mould hair into the position held unlike those silly hair pins and hairbands, leaving marks on the hair. This is perfect when applying make-up. I will definitely get more of these when I go to KL.

All this was made happen with the company of A! Thank you, ❤ u loads.

Reviews on most of the products will be done so keep checking.


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