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Friday, July 31, 2009

Having fun

Tweaking around on the weekends and thought I should change my layout as well.

The Weekends are here!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

After 6 Hours: Etude House Baby Skin Base

PS: ignore the Inuovi Foundation Brush although it's just heavenly soft.

I got this from Etude House when they had 20% off so I paid RM24 (original price: RM 30). It comes in peach and green(for neutralising redness).

It has one of those very hygenic pumps but the problem was that everytime I use it, I have to pump like 10-20 times before it dispenses anything.

I was a little worried that I would be too tanned for this but actually it suits all skin tones(makeup bases usually do). So the base is rather creamy but once it's smoothed out, it dries matte, which was promising, but..

Before and After:

After application, my skin felt slightly softer but after less than 6 hours(I think it was 5), it just oiled up (sighs).. My skin doesn't usually get that oily without any makeup on so this makeup base has little oil control. I did dust on some loose powder after my makeup and I didn't touch up anything for the rest of the 5-6 hours.

I really don't have much to say about this one. It acts like a base, no SPF, no nothing. I guess it does smooth out my complexion a little and it did make me just a tad lighter, which is bad considering my neck is already darker than my face without makeup on.

So, wrapping this up..

The good:
1. Face becomes a tad fairer (bad for me but good for some people)
2. Complexion is slightly more even.
3. Baby skin as promised (why do I want baby skin?? *puzzled as to why I bought it)
4. Hygenic pump.
5. Cheap. (at RM 30)

The bad:
1. No oil control. (maybe a little but obviously not enough for my face to last 5 hours w/o powder)
2. Pump takes ages to dispense product.
3. Feels a little heavy.
4. Not easiest to apply (careful not to gunk up your face coz it can do that)

The verdict: ❤❤❤❤❤ 2/5 coz oil control is very important to me and it didn't exactly deliver what was said on the bottle except the baby soft skin which is totally irrelevant unless you feel your face. If you're short on cash but you really, really need a makeup base(seriously?) then this is it but you're gonna have to keep visiting the ladies' unless you wanna look shiny. (*gasp)

You decide. And comment. Please?


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MAC Lipstick in Way To Love

MAC Rose A Romance Lustre Lipstick in Way to Love

I bought this from the Rose A Romance collection some time ago. This is my first MAC lipstick and I just love it.

The Rose A Romance collection was very sheer so this lipgloss is a sheer pink that's good for any look. The colour probably shows better on lighter lips. As this is a lustre, the texture works for those with drier lips coz it doesn't make the lips chap like amplified or matte lipsticks.

w/ and w/o flash.

Just like the other lippie swatch I did on MAC Angel, I top coated the lipstick with a trnasparent gloss coz the best way to show a good lip colour is to add some transparent gloss IMO.

I think this lipstick serves well as a natural pink lip look that goes well with most of the blue, green, black, neutral eye looks.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eyelash Curler Comparisons

Panasonic EH2351p Eyelash Curler vs M.A.K.E.U.P.L.E.A.D.E.R. Eyecurl

The former I paid RM 49(not the original price) while the latter for RM 49.90 at Sasa.

While comparing both curlers, the Panasonic one has a unique plastic comb on it while the M.A.K.E.U.P.L.E.A.D.E.R. one doesn't and you can see the coils of wire from the M.A.K.E.U.P.L.E.A.D.E.R. one.

But, once I take off the comb from the Panasonic one, the two look somewhat similar.

Upclose, you can see that the Panasonic one has the coils of wire in a U shape plus the wire is thicker than the M.A.K.E.U.P.L.E.A.D.E.R. one so I can conclude that the Panasonic one can emit more heat and heat up faster than the M.A.K.E.U.P.L.E.A.D.E.R. one. Also, the unique comb on the Panasonic EH2351p Eyelash Curler makes it safer for usage coz you can't burn you eyelid as easily as the M.A.K.E.U.P.L.E.A.D.E.R. one.

I haven't tested the Panasonic eyelash curler but from these pictures, I think the Panasonic eyelash curler beats the M.A.K.E.U.P.L.E.A.D.E.R. one, plus it's RM1 cheaper so, you decide!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Saturday Night Haul

Saturaday spent in Gurney and dinner at Sakae Sushi (god, haven't I gotten sick of sashimi yet?)

And Gurney, of course, equals to a haul.

Panasonic EH2351p Eyelash Curler for RM 49(was on discount i think). Comparisons with my M.A.K.E.U.P.L.E.A.D.E.R. eyelash curler from Sasa (RM 49.90) coming up soon.

MAC Brush Cleaner for Rm 40. Comparison with my Stage Brush Cleaner(RM 25) coming up soon as well.

Supermodel's Secrets of Success by Amber Chia.

I read the whole thing in an hour (quite a thin book, 163++ pages). Lots of pics of her. If you don't know who Amber Chia is, click here. I have to say this book is written in very simple English and if you haven't really gotten to know her, you'll think this book is just crap but I think she's is exactly what this book is like and everything in here is just her honest opinion. If you don't like her then this book will maybe make you hate her but if you're still unsure about her then get this.

"There are no ugly women in this world, just lazy ones."


Sunday, July 26, 2009

MAC Graphic Garden Giveaway

Nu Nu Doll is having a giveaway so check this out.

Fresh Cut Palette Graphic Garden Palette

Here are the swatches from Karla Sugar.(She has the best swatches) Click to enlarge.

Oh and click here if you haven't heard of this collection before.

Rules(taken off Nu Nu's page):
1-You must have a blog on blogger. (You have no idea how many people emailed me with no blogs on my last giveaway)
2-You must be a follower of my blog as well as my boyfriend Andy's blog. Trust me, I will check, and yes you will be disqualified if you aren't subscribed to both of our blogs.
3-Leave a comment on this entry saying "banana peppers." Yes, I am serious.
4-Want to double your chances of winning? Post an entry on your own blog advertising this giveaway. DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE ME A LINK OF THE ENTRY!

This giveaway will close on Friday, August, 21st. The winner will be announced the next day.

Click to enter.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last of MAC Haul..

Why do I look so angry?


I used:

MAC HK Too Dolly Palette
Cyber Colours Jewel Armour in 43 MoonStone
Stage Brow Defining Pencil in 02 Cinammon
Fasio Liquid Eyeliner in Black


I used:

Etude House Baby Skin Base
The Body Shop Concealer in 08
Benefit Powderflage
MAC MSF in Cheeky Bronze (as blush. this one is just fabulous)


I used:

MAC Rose A Romance Lipstick in Way To Love
Definit'e Lipgloss in Winter Valley (isn't it gorr-geous?)

For this look, I was actually trying to match my eyes to my lips coz I just had to try out my new Definit'e Lipgloss in Winter Valley which I got for rm44 (dirt cheap) and it's just incredible!!! It's officially my favourite lipgloss!!

Oh and we had Italian(eeks) again.

Then, the supermarket:

Lovely bottle that caught my attention so I just had to get it.

Tasted like raspberry juice. Haha..

Oh and this should be the last of my MAC haul for the next month, I hope.

The very-hard-to-get-coz-it's-just-always-OOS #239:

OMG, I'm just know my next looks are gonna be great.

And Joanne(or Joanna, I don't remember) was nice enough to give me a sample of this:

Random pic of Gigi:

Note: I bought the new collar which was rm 12 at the clinic in Ayer Itam. It has hearts on it..❤❤

All the above (except Gigi) was last Sunday.