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Thursday, July 30, 2009

After 6 Hours: Etude House Baby Skin Base

PS: ignore the Inuovi Foundation Brush although it's just heavenly soft.

I got this from Etude House when they had 20% off so I paid RM24 (original price: RM 30). It comes in peach and green(for neutralising redness).

It has one of those very hygenic pumps but the problem was that everytime I use it, I have to pump like 10-20 times before it dispenses anything.

I was a little worried that I would be too tanned for this but actually it suits all skin tones(makeup bases usually do). So the base is rather creamy but once it's smoothed out, it dries matte, which was promising, but..

Before and After:

After application, my skin felt slightly softer but after less than 6 hours(I think it was 5), it just oiled up (sighs).. My skin doesn't usually get that oily without any makeup on so this makeup base has little oil control. I did dust on some loose powder after my makeup and I didn't touch up anything for the rest of the 5-6 hours.

I really don't have much to say about this one. It acts like a base, no SPF, no nothing. I guess it does smooth out my complexion a little and it did make me just a tad lighter, which is bad considering my neck is already darker than my face without makeup on.

So, wrapping this up..

The good:
1. Face becomes a tad fairer (bad for me but good for some people)
2. Complexion is slightly more even.
3. Baby skin as promised (why do I want baby skin?? *puzzled as to why I bought it)
4. Hygenic pump.
5. Cheap. (at RM 30)

The bad:
1. No oil control. (maybe a little but obviously not enough for my face to last 5 hours w/o powder)
2. Pump takes ages to dispense product.
3. Feels a little heavy.
4. Not easiest to apply (careful not to gunk up your face coz it can do that)

The verdict: ❤❤❤❤❤ 2/5 coz oil control is very important to me and it didn't exactly deliver what was said on the bottle except the baby soft skin which is totally irrelevant unless you feel your face. If you're short on cash but you really, really need a makeup base(seriously?) then this is it but you're gonna have to keep visiting the ladies' unless you wanna look shiny. (*gasp)

You decide. And comment. Please?


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