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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby doll eyes




Was channeling baby doll eyes with nudy pink lips and a healthy peachy glow. Something Xukeia would wear, but hey, she always reminded me of Leah (Dizon) and their makeup has always been a look that really flatters anyone.

What I used:

Vera Wang Princess. If you haven't smelled it, it's like this vanilla scent with light florally notes. Suited for a princess.

For face:
SASA HD foundation
Majolica Majorca Skin Lingeire
The Body Shop Concealer in 08
Benefit Powderflage
MAC Iridescent Powder in Belightful
MAC Iridescent Powder in Delicacy
Anna Sui Blush in 800
Dior Skin Flash

For eyes:
Stage EYe Base in Vanilla
Shu Uemura Glow on in PGold 91
Etude House e/s in Golden beige
Maybelline e/s trio in 29 Safari Vogue
Elianto Mineral e/s duo
Shu Uemura
Chanel Noir Eyeliner Pencil
Stage Eye brow Pencil in Cinammon
Fasio Liquid Eyeliner in black

For lips:
I only used MAC Rose A Romance Lipstick Lustre in Way To Love and some transparent gloss on top of that.

My focus was in the eyes so I kept the e/s neutral and did more on eyelining. The rest of my face was kept to a bare minimum.

And later on, we went to Gurney and had dinner at Sakae Sushi.

Funky lighting.

Conveyor belt and a computer to make our life convenient when ordering food. (No wonder Sakae is doing so good)

And of course, Mogu Mogu. This time I took Lychee which is my favourite and J decided to follow my obsession and order Strawberry. I just love the bottles.

We used lots and lots of this. Somehow, Japanese soy sauce doesn't taste like our normal 'kicap'.

I didn't eat this but it's so damn creative.. Had to snap really fast coz the conveyor belt is quite fast (okay, I'm just a slow person.)

Oyster crepe roll, one of their new Black Plate dishes(Rm 1 is donated to some charity place for every purchase made). OMG, this tastes so good. And the oyster inside each roll is fabulous. There was some salad dressing with veges and stuff.

This I got of the conveyor. It's as good as oyster crepe roll minus the oysters.

Raw salmon belly. Now this is J's obsession which I'm trying to follow. I love the taste of raw salmon but I never eat more than 3 slices coz the thought of this being taken right out of a fish's belly..

My obsession, at any Japanese restaurant (if they have it) is Chawanmushi. This is Kani(crab) chawanmushi and I love these things coz it's like egg with tofu and mushrooms.

The plates we collected by the end of our dinner. Note: J ate most of it.

And after that I bought:

Clairol Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner with orchid and coconut scent. It's really more on the floral side which I just love my hair to smell like. This formula is suitable for dry hair, which is why I bought it and I'll definitely review once I start using it.

Rexona Teens Spray-on Deoderant. Smells great. And I just love their designs, there was also Musci Fan and Tropical something. Music fan smelled really old and musky (eww) while Tropical something (forgot the name of it) is more... tropical.

Popteen May issue. Looking forward to the makeup ideas I get from this issue.

Came home to some uuber delicious durians!!!

Even Gigi was craving for it. It's definitely a durain dog. It's always the first to rush over when a durian is brought home.

I just wish the durian season never ends,

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