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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Closed on X: Tsuruya

Saturday again.. Dinner of course is what I usually blog about (other than shopping) because every other day of the week, I eat at home.. Same food at home for like what, 12 years now.. Man that's a long time.. Moving on..

The post title is Closed on X because I couldn't find their business hours.. So I have no idea what day they close.. silly me, I'll ask the next time..

Anyway, Tsuruya (really hard to remember) is a newly opened Japanese restaurant at the newly opened Berjaya Times Square Penang *gasp Times Square is in Penang!!!! But, it's not really opened, sort of half way there but there are quite a few restaurants already and the best part is yet to come.. Read on!!!

The setting was rather explicit.. It had lots of Buddha (I presume) signs in the shop.. Like below.. It's really cool in a Zen kinda way (what? I don't make any

And of course.. funky lighting..

^ I think they were trying to channel the 70's stained glass thing but it felt kinda messy since they're already Zen...

The atmosphere was... it was really... umm... ZEN. But the annoying cooler that was blowing cool air was damn annoying.. don't they know that people have hair??
It was very busy coz of today being Saturday and the restaurant is still new..(anything new in penang is popular.. til they get old, people forget about it and it goes into bankruptcy, same story every time)

I had Zaru Soba which is the cold Japanese noodles.. I ordered that coz I've eaten it in.. umm, where was it? Wait, let me check. oh.. kay.. I guess that shop doesn't have a name.. Anyway, click for that entry. Back to the food, the Soba tasted really bland(it had a raw egg too), if compared to the no-name-Japanese-restaurant-I've-been-to. So I used a lot of soy sauce. I wasn't impressed but it's just 1 bad dish. Dad ordered a White Dragon Maki? (It's number 6 on the Appetizers page) God, what's with all these question marks.. Well, that maki was delicious!!! It had like a salmon? and cucumber and egg, seaweed, rice, prawn wrapped in a roll.. The only problem with maki's, especially big ones is that I really have a hard time eating them. Bite half way and the seaweed might not cut off, stuff the whole thing in and it might be too big a mouthful..

But, from the maki, I feel like this restaurant fairs alright if you choose the right dishes (just ask the waitress for recommendations).

❤❤❤❤❤ 3/5 coz I only tried 2 dishes.. I would go there again coz I'm totally curious if their pork is any good. Damn I should have had that.. So same old saying, if you're in penang, get your ass there!

Back to Times Square, the outside of the ground floor had a few fountains and very pretty LEDs.

^Really want some in my room..

^These are tall, like above 3 metres.. and the lights below change colours..

^ Mom trying to get a good photo with the tallest fountain shoot. Ended up getting wet instead.. tsk tsk lol. Times Square is really pretty and I bet they spent quite a bit with the lights. It's probably gonna be the poshest mall in penang only problem is, will it stand the test of time..

After strolling in the huge space outside the ground floor of times square, I found a Swensen's nearby, and if there's an ice-cream I couldn't resist, it's Swensen's blueberry ice-cream.

^ Unlike the normal blueberry ice-cream, this one has bits of soft blueberries inside.. it's just so good... I felt like a kid again with my ice-cream cone.

Stay tuned for my haul on this day in the next post.


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