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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dinner at Trader's Hotel

The stare:





~Sasa HD Foundation in 03 Vanilla Beige
~The Body Shop Concealer in 08
~Benefit Powderflage
~MAC Iridescent Powder in Belightful (It's looks peachy pink but in some shots, I can see some gold.. It's just the preettiest thing!)

~Stage Eye Base in 01 Vanilla
~Shu Uemura Glow on in P Gold 91
~Cyber Colors Jewel Amour in 12 Moonstone
~MAC Royal Assets: 6 Smokey Eyes(I used[top to bottom]: Rondelle, Courtly Grey and Knight)
~Fasio Liquid Eye Liner in black
~Stage Brow Defining Pencil in 02 Cinnamon

~Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in 437 (my first and only Dior lipgloss.. love it)

Completed look:

I used my new #219 Pencil brush to deposit colour in the crease and the brush was a little scratchy(okay, it's was in fact, very scratchy). I've heard comments on how it's just slightly scratchy but I didn't realise it was that bad. Maybe it's my technique but I'll definitely get around to reviewing the brush once I figure it out.

So yesterday (Sunday), my parents had to go for another one of those medical talks and I decided to tag along since it was a Sunday where I didn't really leave the house (I hate those Sundays). So, to fill this post with some useful information(which I always try to but it always ends up sounding really boring like a textbook, but I'll make this short ;) ), I've decided to share with you what I've learnt:
1. Professor Chun (sweet Chinese lady with a weird accent, it's kinda like a Chinese mix with American and Australian accent) was promoting Celebrex's(a drug company) new discovery which is Celecoxib.
2. From what my non-medical mind understood, this Celecoxib is kinda like a pain killer and they are promoting it because it has less side effects(such as cardiac arrest) compared to morphine.
3. This drug company is willing to pay for all the food, stationery and carpark expenses to get these 30 doctors, nurses and some surgeons to listen them.

So, I tagged along because it was at Trader's Hotel and it's extremely famous for it's fresh raw Japanese cuisine and everything else Japanese. The Islander.

Me and mom were gonna meet dad there so, typical of us, we were late.

After the long (and quite boring) talk, we were brought to a dining room where all the food was ready. It was technically a buffet but they served a main course as well.

I chose codfish from the main course because, well, I like codfish?

It's actually codfish, lobster and a king prawn with some steamed veges in tomato paste. OMG, it was so good! The codfish was ok i guess(I prefer mine in soy sauce like how they make it in those Coffee Shops), the lobster was really nice at first and it was my first ever and I really liked it but somehow by the third mouthful, I tasted fishyness? Like that fishy smell that most seafood gives out unless the chef is that good. But, the king prawn which I ate last because I don't fancy eating prawns, they tend to always have the fishy smell. The prawn was well, the best thing I've tasted in my life (okay, that was exagerated), it was just so perfet I can't even begin to describe it. The veges (which I expected to be really tasteless coz they always steam it til it tastes like shit), were tender (hey, I think that term is meant for meat) and just huicy enough to taste good despite being steamed.

Anyways, moving on to the bigger picture in the restaurant:

Fresh, raw Oysters.

I love oysters but I haven't tried raw ones before, I was rather scared of what it would taste like but what people always say, if it's fresh, you'll like it and yeah, I definitely LOVED it but I only had one because I'm not sure I'm still open to the idea of raw oysters.

Sashimi (Raw Salmon)

I loved sashimi since J pactically forced me to try it quite a while ago and this was just as good. Sashimi always reminded me of jellies, but way better. They're soft, tender, squishy, slightly sweet and just nice to chew. Haha, this sounds kinda sick but don't judge it if you haven't tried it. It's a must-order if you go to Japanese restaurants.

Sushi bar.

Almost everything under the(Japanese) sun, there was Unagi, California roll, Octopus, Inari and so on. Not really a fan of sushi coz they taste the same to me.

And, what I always look forward to.. Dessert!!

There were, coffee cakes, bread puddings, chocolate moist, custards and what not. Most importantly, they had CHEESE CAKE!!! OMG, theirs is the best I've tasted so far. I always thought Secret Recipe's New York Cheese cake was good but this was better. This one was less thick. It's was rich but really easy on the throat. Oh and I tasted their custard which is actually similar to strawberry fruit flan and it tasted the same as mine (self-appraisal here) but they didn't use a crust so it was just custard..

Blue cheese with a Jacob's Lo-Salt High Fibre cracker.

I know the cracker for sure because I used to eat it religiously for breakfast(I stress on the USED TO). The blue cheese was really, REALLY sour but mom said I took too much, haha. IDK how to eat this cheese and the thought of the blue stuff being edible fungus really freaked me out coz it really tasted stale. But the cracker was nice, lol.

The display rack for the dessert that come in mini shot glasses. So adorable and the rack is just pretty.

More on the hotel.

I didn't really linger at the hotel but I did get a shot of one of their many, I repeat many, chandeliers. It's was sparkly and grand. Also, right at the entrance they had a grand staircase(IDK what it's supossed to be called) and it was just so elegant.

The end.

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