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Friday, July 3, 2009

Forgotten Best Friends.

Ever had a good friend you talked to about everything and suddenly, years along the road, you just lose contact or forget about them?

Well, since it's a dull Friday and this issue being brought up sometime today, I'm gonna post the names of my Forgotten Best Friends and will tag someone to do it too.

1. Alicia (I met at ballet lessons, I still see her in school but I don't think she remembers me anymore..)
2. Candy (Junior High, she was the only one who wasn't back-stabbing me)
3. XX (Kindergarten, I really don't remember her name but she's my first best friend who's not my relative lol)

All the names above have spent time with me some time ago and they have been forgotten for many reasons. Some have just moved away others never bother contacting and I feel obligated to dedicate this post to them because it's really a pity that they're not here with me today.. I don't wanna get too sappy so I tag:

Jia Hui
(only because I already know the names of these people.. I guess this gives you something to blog about ;) )

In order not to let this post go to waste, I know I'll put in more effort to keep in touch with as many old friends as I can and I hope those of you who wish to do the same post an entry of YOUR forgotten best friends.

Awaiting an exciting Saturday.

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