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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hauls.. Pictures overloaded.

I just finished reading CLEO July issue and I came across this feature on how to spice up your look with eyeliner..

Couldn't resist obviously so...

I had to do my own... it started with eye primer (Stage's in Vanilla). Then I used the Etude House Tear Drop Liner(review is coming soon, I promise) on the inner 1/3 of the lids. Continued with Kate Gold Gel Liner on the outer 2/3 of the lid and in the crease I used a even purer Gold colour which is the AREZIA Diamond Liquid Liner in #3 (got mine from Sasa, I remembered it was quite cheap), then I added a black line(Fasio Liquid Liner in Black), winged at the end and a highlight colour(Maybelline e/s quad in 29 Safari Vogue) under brows and a matte brown(Estee Lauder e/s in 43 Metallic), okay, mine's actually a little metallic-y, to soften in the crease..

**clears throat :Excuse the eyebrows.

After taking quite a while to get all this going, A, who I was going to Gurney with, said she had a stomach ache.. When I called her back later, she'd just vomited so I was rather disappointed. I really, really wanted to go to MAC so badly (psst, African Warrior). I also realised I couldn't go out with this gold eye so I rubbed it all off and started again.

This time, I minus-ed the gold liners and made the black line thicker and longer.

Almost like Amy Winehouse but somehow when I put on the lashes(below) I looked more Audrey Hepburn and when I used the lower lashes, I looked more Japanesey..

This liner is also an inspired look from the latest Maybelline Gel Liner ad. I'm so tempted to try it but all my gel liners dry up before I use it more than 3 times...

My finished look.

And since I've been wearing jeans and T's all my life, I decided to spice things up a little. Still jeans but no T ;). To XUKEIA: hah!

My flat and boring hair was teased to fit the Japanese look, some tucked behind ears.

And I was ready to go.. Here's an odd angle I got.

I ended up begging my parents to go out. So me, mummy, daddy and J went to Gurney. Later on , me, mummy and J went to Winter Warmers for tea..(at 6pm lol.)

Although the place was really cozy (inside anyways, it was windy outside) but it rather noisy coz it was a full house.

Tonnes of food and drinks (especially tea) to choose from. I had the Iced Fruit Cocktail. It was really good with bits of apple and cherries inside.

Oh and we paid rm32 (or was it 38) to get a Winter Warmers member card (yay!) and the snack set we ordered was FOC. Wow, it's really worth the money I guess.

And after shopping, we went for dinner at Tsuruya (click for this entry).

Anyways, my haul..

I've been meaning to get the Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop Gel Moisturiser coz of all the raves and whatnot so I went to the Biotherm counter in Parkson and it just happens they were offering free face scans. I went for it (Lancome had one too) and it turns out:

39% Moisture (very, very dehydrated)
97% Elasticity (fine for my age)
99% Sebum (!!!!)

Apparently, because I don't use moisturiser in the morning, just sun block and that causes my skin to produce more sebum (oil on skin) and the sun block blocks the sebum from surfacing and so my skin produces EVEN MORE and then my face gets really oily and occassionally my face will break out with a few HUGE zits. She told me all this and it was entirely true.. I guess it's all in the moisturiser. She(Evan Loo, Beauty Assistant at Biotherm, really nice lady) also said that I should use make up remover everyday since I use sun block all the time.. I know, I know, but I'm such a pig. And so, I bought the Aquasource Moisturiser and mummy and J bought enough of Biotherm stuff to get us a 4-pcs gift set that included the Cleansing gel and lotion (toner) from that range that I wanted so now I have the whole set. Evan(BA) was also kind enough to give me samples of the cleanser and lotion (before we ended up getting to 4-pc gift set) and also a sunblock (but, unfortunately, it was out of stock =( ). I really wanted the sunblock, it's liquid type and it goes on smooth, dries fast and doesn't have a sticky or oily feeling. Definitely a must-buy which I MUST BUY the next time I go there but it's rm130 for 30ml (!!!) If I could find something cheaper that works the same way, I'll let you guys know. Coz currently I'm using Garnier's but it's really shiny upon application, so imagine what it looks like after a few hours.. Also, the texture is a little sticky (eeks, who likes a sticky face)

Anyways, mum also bought the 3 of us this:

A facial worth rm250 and because we are now Biotherm members, the promotion price of rm120 is further marked down to rm75 (members only). It's totally worth it. I will update about how the facial goes and I will taking up the Aquasource challenge, I'll update about my skin condition and once I've been through a month or so, I'll do an official review on it, YAY!

Other than Biotherm, we also went to Sasa coz I just had to get the ISBROW pink lady gloss cream which is meant for lightening very-pigmented lips.. like mine.. The Za Dark Circles Gone Eye Mask I got because it was cheap.. rm 10 for 3 pcs. I'll also take on the ISBROW pink lady gloss cream lightening pigmentation challenge and update you guys on it and a review once I've reached a month of religious usage. Also, a review on the eye mask. Oh and the ISBROW pink lady gloss cream is actually rm 78 on it's own but Sasa has been having this promotion for quite a while which is rm98 for the same lip cream plus a lip plumper(although I really don't need transparent lip gloss, i guess it's a worth-it buy, or at least i think it is). XUKEIA said it was just plain gloss so I'll definitely review that too. Oh and a free paper file (A4-size) which I think is free for purchases above rm 100.

Last but not least, the cherry on top of my cake yesterday (saturday) was my trip to MAC!!!!!

I had a long, long list of stuff to buy and this list has been delayed for a long time while growing longer as days go by coz of my broke-ness which is finally over (technically it isn't but let's not think about that right now). I had to, HAD TO get my 1st MAC brush which was meant to be the #139 but... unfortunately, they were OOS (out of stock).. aw, but that's okay, they'll be in stock on the 15th (I'm so going to go).

Anyway, I also had to get my 1st paint pot ever in Bare Study and Rubenesque(okay, that's my 1st and 2nd) but, they were OOS again. omg, I'm just so disappointed. But, I did check out the African Warrior collection (I'm not impressed, the bronzing stuff was great but the lipsticks and glosses weren't doing it for me), I was almost gonna get my 1st pigments from the collection but somehow they looked orange.. tsk tsk, everything at MAC is a 1st for me. But, I ended up getting what wasn't OOS, which was Belightful Iridescent Powder (Connie's swatches impressed me) and the #219 Pencil brush.. I intend to do more smokey eyes now that I have the right tools.


credits to:

To those of you out there who hasn't gotten a single MAC brush (gasp!!!) and is planning to soon but doesn't know where to start, visit these pages. They definitely helped me a lot.

Now to Belightful Iridescent Powder, I have previously gotten the only other iridescent powder which is in Delicacy (White with some really light shimmers, it's really sheer) and I couldn't resist this. Both powders are just so pretty and perfect for highlighting the face or adding glow.
Belightful is a slightly peachier, metallic-y, sheen-y with golden shimmers (it's gorgeous!) and here are the best shots I could get to show you just how pretty it is. Go to the counters and test it yourself, you'll be dazzled.

Speaking of dazzles, I also checked out the Dazzleglass collection(2nd time now) and I have to say, I'm not really impressed. I did find a colour I liked but somehow all the others were a little pre-teen-with-her-first-makeup-set-that-comes-with-a-lipgloss-just-packed-with-too-much-glitter to me. It looked a little cheap to me. (no offense if you love it)

And at the end of the day, I come home with this huge, gold Parkson bag filled with all my goodies.. I'm just so excited to do all the reviews and new looks with all this stuff. I'm gonna get busy..


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My-My said...

that's awesome, you still ended up going to MAC as you wanted. I hope your friend is still okay. Congrats on your first Mac haul, must be exciting. I actually still gotta pop my Mac cherry too. :P

**Aly La'Kisse said...

Haha, thanks. She went to the doctors after I called her. She was puking in the car when I called her, but yeah, she's fine now. Love to read about your MAC hauls tooo.

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