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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Haul+School Concert

I'm so sorry for my disappearance for a lil while but there's gonna be more of it in the next month.. Boohoo.. I'm have to make this quick coz technically I'm banned from then NET... tsk tsk..

So last Saturday, I went to MAC to check out the Colour Craft Collection. Although I'm really outdated when it comes to MAC coz I only find out about a new collection when the one in Gurney is all sold out.. After that, I went for my school concert, which was just incredible. They always are.. Enuff bragging..

Oh and I did jiahui's makeup coz she was one of the performers.. Too bad I didn't take a pic..

And these are the lovely ladies who went with me.. J and A. Thank you!!!
Haha, this is what I made them do before we went home after the concert.. Lol. I will have to take this out once they see it..

And finally, my haul:

I have been eyeing the Inuovi Foundation brush for a long, long, loong time. And this is the softest foundation brush I have felt. It's an Italian Badger (correct me if I'm wrong) and I'm pretty sure Connie from skindeco has reviewed it..

Inuovi's having a sale, 40% off of everything so I got this for Rm 51.60 and that's just so damn cheap if compared to MAC..

Speaking of which..

I finally got hold of a #226. omg, I used it on Sunday, sorry no post yet, and it's just AMAZING. Who knew blending was so simple?? If you're a newbie(not afraid to say so) when it comes to blending brushes, this is just it. Grab it while you can coz it's LE and it was previously in the BLONDE, BRUNETTE, REDHEAD collection but they're repromoting it in this new collection, Colour Craft which has a lot of mineralized powders and e/s plus the marble lipglosses. Didn't fancy the lip colours.
Oh and this Cheeky Bronze from the MSF(Mineraluzed Skin Finish). It can be used all over or just on specific areas so it's very flexible depending on your needs. This colour is quite close to my natural skin tone so it looks like a light flush on me..

w/ and w/o flash shots.. It's very bronze in a subtle way..

And here are some shots of the #226.

Oh and a brand that is quite new but not quite, Definit'e Cosmetics, has a really pretty lipgloss colour that I had to get..

Winter valley is a nude-ish colour with gold flecks.. I used it in my look on Sunday but no post on that yet.. It's just gorgeous and coz they're having a promo, 1 lipgloss for 45rm and 2 for 88rm plus a free bag.

I had to get the glitter gloss and coz I wasn't keen on the free bag, they decided to let me have samples instead. but I didn't like that either(what a fussy lil girl) and they ended up giving me all... LOL.

Definit'e Cosmetics is a homegrown brand from Malaysia but made in Italy... Google it.. I'm not too sure on their e/s but I think their huge lipstick range is worth checking out.. Oh and their skin base. I'll do swatches and maybe get the skin base as well.. Soon.. WHen I have money again. X)

New knapsack from NIKE. Rm89.. Rather cheap..

All for now. Do comment and I'll be back soon..


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