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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Las Vegas!

Last Sunday, I decided to do a look which was featured in which is the Summer Tutorial: Las Vegas. Undeniably, Connie did a great, great job at the look and I'm not comparing or anything but more like, learning? to amp up my e/s. Also, I think it'd be fun to do this look coz gold's my fav. colour.

Oh and Connie did a video tutorial on this look so be sure to check that out.

We had TGI Friday's for dinner. Omg, there's always someone's birthday at TGI's.. Just like my 15th birthday when I was forced to stand on the chair (ridiculously tall in my heels already, I had to dodge a lamp that was gonna hit my head, what a clumsy sight) and worst of all, I had to sing. I ended up singing jingle bells and everyone else was laughing their asses off while I totally embarrassed myself.. Ahh, memories..

Oh and here are my babies. (click to find out more about them.)

J bought a tonne of lingerie from La Senza so I got an underwear from there. Oh and La Senza is currently having a promotion where you can get 5 underwears for rm89. Totally worth it. Oh and also a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion n selected bras. Go check it out.

This underwear is just so cute (I wouldn't have published it otherwise coz I don't consider it normal to post about my underwear buys). The colour combination really reminded me of Juicy Couture.

And while J took forever picking lingerie at La Senza, I secretly sneaked next door to Etude House (they are having promotion too, 10% off all items) to check out their new line. The Baby Skin Collection. I originally wanted to get their peach base but it seemed a bit greasy to me and I'm definitely staying away from creamieer textures. So I ended up with the Baby Skin Base(about rm 30, I can't be sure.), which comes in #02 Baby Apricot and #01 which is a green-coloured one. The green was more suited or people with reddish or sensitive skin so I went with peach. The Base was like liquid foundation xcept just a tad thicker and it was very fine. I'll review it soon. Oh and I just couldn't resist the nail polish. I have been into gold for quite sometime so I couldn't say no to this glittery gold nail polish which I paid about rm10 for.

The nail polish was sheer actually, but after a few coats, it's actually a really pretty gold.

More on TGI Friday's next time.

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