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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last of MAC Haul..

Why do I look so angry?


I used:

MAC HK Too Dolly Palette
Cyber Colours Jewel Armour in 43 MoonStone
Stage Brow Defining Pencil in 02 Cinammon
Fasio Liquid Eyeliner in Black


I used:

Etude House Baby Skin Base
The Body Shop Concealer in 08
Benefit Powderflage
MAC MSF in Cheeky Bronze (as blush. this one is just fabulous)


I used:

MAC Rose A Romance Lipstick in Way To Love
Definit'e Lipgloss in Winter Valley (isn't it gorr-geous?)

For this look, I was actually trying to match my eyes to my lips coz I just had to try out my new Definit'e Lipgloss in Winter Valley which I got for rm44 (dirt cheap) and it's just incredible!!! It's officially my favourite lipgloss!!

Oh and we had Italian(eeks) again.

Then, the supermarket:

Lovely bottle that caught my attention so I just had to get it.

Tasted like raspberry juice. Haha..

Oh and this should be the last of my MAC haul for the next month, I hope.

The very-hard-to-get-coz-it's-just-always-OOS #239:

OMG, I'm just know my next looks are gonna be great.

And Joanne(or Joanna, I don't remember) was nice enough to give me a sample of this:

Random pic of Gigi:

Note: I bought the new collar which was rm 12 at the clinic in Ayer Itam. It has hearts on it..❤❤

All the above (except Gigi) was last Sunday.


3 people say ❤...:

izumi said...

oh i was so confused on how to comment on your blog.

i love your look! and yay for the 239!! i want one too haha xD

love your puppy<3

**Aly La'Kisse said...

Hey, well, I changed the layout so I hope this is easier.

Thanks.. i highly recommend the 239, it's really a great staple..

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