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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MAC Lipstick in Way To Love

MAC Rose A Romance Lustre Lipstick in Way to Love

I bought this from the Rose A Romance collection some time ago. This is my first MAC lipstick and I just love it.

The Rose A Romance collection was very sheer so this lipgloss is a sheer pink that's good for any look. The colour probably shows better on lighter lips. As this is a lustre, the texture works for those with drier lips coz it doesn't make the lips chap like amplified or matte lipsticks.

w/ and w/o flash.

Just like the other lippie swatch I did on MAC Angel, I top coated the lipstick with a trnasparent gloss coz the best way to show a good lip colour is to add some transparent gloss IMO.

I think this lipstick serves well as a natural pink lip look that goes well with most of the blue, green, black, neutral eye looks.


2 people say ❤...:

sat said...

I was looking for a nice pink mac lipstick.'way to love' seems to be a very fresh looking colour on you.

Laura Pretty Kitty Webster said...

What a lovely colour, this is on my shopping list now.