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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My new ❤..!!!

People of blog-esville,
I have an important announcement to make.


I am no longer 'conforming' to society!
I am no longer trying to fit in!
I will not care what people say!
I will not be disturbed by the stares!
And, I certainly will never back down again!

I am FREE!!!

Pardon me, it's the haze. Really getting to my head..

LOL, back to business, I have found my new ❤.

While shopping in QB mall, at the very last minute, 10:18pm. I power walk in my 3-year-old-gold-coloured-4-inch-heels, I feel blisters all over my feet but in my head, I scream, I have to keep going, I have to!

I kept walking and walking, and walking (damn this mall is long) and I reach the gates of heaven, GUESS. I stride in confidently, thinking, I'll find you.

Without any fear of the stares I usually get at Guess(coz of my less-than-high-class-appearance), I walk to the back of this tiny store and stared bullets straight ahead.

Nervous and shaking from all the power-walking on 4-inch-heels, I came to a halt and found what I've been looking for all along.


Oh, shoot, wrong picture...


Nervous and shaking from all the power-walking on 4-inch-heels, I came to a halt and found what I've been looking for all along.


These baby pink, peep-toes from Guess by Marciano..

To those hard-core fashion-chasers(or whatever their called), don't judge me coz these shoes were on sale. They may not be hot this season but they're definitely hot. Well, they'd have to be if I spent rm230 (after discount) on them. gasp** wth was I thinking???!!!!

I dunno either but when I have a new ❤, the ❤ tends to be either:
a) something really pretty
b) something everyone wants to death
c) something reaaally EXPENSIVE

I'm pretty sure these go under d)..

I had to buy them ok? They were Guess! and on sale! and it was the last pair! in my size what's more!! I mean, when do I ever find my size?

It even had a charm-bracelet-ornament-looking-diamante G dangling on it.

Aww, isn't it pretty??

It had a rose on each which is just super sweet... *batts eyelashes

And, omg, the most important part, it was 4.5 inches!! I measured!(below)

Oh, and that explains the epilogue of this post.. I have a high-heels issue.

As a girly-girl(very, in fact), I always wanted pretty things like every other girl, I loved makeup, preetyy clothes and obviously, high, high, HIGH heels.. Somehow flats just don't look as hot or as pretty as 4-inch-heels.(4.5 in this case)

But, some problems arised when I was just growing non-stop as a teen.. I still am in fact..

I've turned into a giant (exaggerated for dramatic purposes) at 173.5cm/5'9" (this is true) and my feet is gigantic (exaggeration) at size 9(true as well). In Malaysia, both 173.5cm in height and size 9 feet are rare (i presume) and if I wore heels...

Well, let's just say I get the 'stares'..

Last year, I went through a phase where I just didn't care but after a while, the constant staring and nagging from parents and relatives really wore my spirits out.. So this year, I started wearing flats..(My first pair of flats in this post)

But, I've recently been motivated by the oh-so-very-famous-singaporean-blogger, Ms. XiaXue. Although she may come off as immature at times, her personality is just admirable and very out of the ordinary, EXTRAordinary is the right word to describe her.

Even though she may be fighting for the exact opposite(click to read about that) of what I'm facing but I believe we're really doing the same thing, that is, to live life the way we want to.. The hell to those people who have constantly made me think twice when doing something I want to do.

So what if I want to wear pretty high heels?!?!

If they make my legs look longer, slimmer and my feet tinier, why not?
So what if I was a head taller than all the girls at Gurney Plaza?

Why can't I? Why do people constantly want to fit in and be normal?
What IS the norm?
Something everyone else is doing?
Well, that's boring. And I stand by xiaxue when she says, I will do whatever the s**t I want to.. (not directly quoted)


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