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Friday, July 3, 2009

Strawberry Fruit Flan

So it was a fine Wednesday afternoon when I was boring myself to death with studying and the damn hot weather (typical).. I came across an old recipe book and this particular recipe just made me feel so hungry.. Hungry for some baking to do that is. So VOILA!

First of all, my strawberries were too big and my filling was too little and I didn't use enough strawberries.. *sigh.. I'll try again some other time..

But if you're interested, the book cover is like this (below) and I got it from Popular ages(years) ago..

What it should look like:

What you need:

What to do:

When I started making the pastry, it wouldn't grind in breadcrumbs(step 1), it was just like a lump of yellow goop and I keep rechecking the steps to figure out what went wrong, turns out I only added 1/2 cup of flour instead of 1.. lawl, don't do that if you're gonna bake k?

Extra info:

Here's the finished pastry..

And I put in the filling..

Sliced some strawberries..

And ta-daa!!

^ My strawberries aren't as shiny as the book's coz I didn't put any strawberry jam, but my strawberries are sweet enough(Driscoll's). But if I had to put some sweetener, I would use honey instead..

Here's the tiniest slice I could cut. Yum.

Try it out yourself!


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