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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday: on sale!

Went out on Wednesday(yesterday) coz Metrojaya (at Island plaza) has a member's sale every 1st..

Didn't end up buying anything (never do) but they had lots of shoes, clothes and skin-care promotions, discounts and free gift sets.
Ended up buying this.. coz of my chapped lips. but I went and use Vaseline one night so it turned out I didn't even need this. If ever, Vaseline is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to fix chapped lips.

But anyway, this is the SebaMed Lip Defense for dry and chapped lips with SPF 30.

It contains:

It goes on smooth and it has this weird almost-like-but-not-quite vanilla scent to it but not too strong. The good part, I think, is that it doesn't come off too glossy so I can wear it and look normal w/o make up on. I find it very annoying when people who don't wear make up have colourless, shiny/glossy lips. It just looks really odd. Haha.. Anyway, it does exactly what Vaseline does plus a weird scent and less effective.

So, the only difference it makes is that it's really convenient coz my Vaseline comes in a pot so the screwing-unscrewing, dipping-clean-finger-in, finding-the-lost-cap thing is really annoying.

When we got back, we had DURIANS!! It's durian season people so those of us lucky Malaysians get to taste the smelliest, yellowest-looking durians as dessert.

While we were eating, poor Gigi was sitting obediently waiting for it's share.

And after it had it's share of durians...

He went to his hole in the store room where we left a pile of pillows. I don't know how Gigi could have found it but it's so damn cute..

So when she's bored or tired, she'll suddenly get up and rush to the storeroom. Haha, I was so shocked I creeped behind it to see this.

^Gigi licking every spot of her new, official G hole!

It's just so adorable!!!

Anyways, stay tuned for the next post to read about my attempt at making this:

Strawberry Fruit Flan.


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