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Monday, August 17, 2009

Red She Said-Inspired Look

As promised, I am posting up some of the pics from my attempt to do the look on the poster card of the Red She Said collection from MAC which was quite a while back along with my Saturday haul..

Basically, the model has very pinup girl makeup. A lot of contouring, less colours, smoking red lips, pale white skin and those droopy eyelashes for a very innocent look. Oh and I wore my GEO Lenses in Angel Grey which I recently purchased from Miss Lens.

Here's what it looks like.. Both the makeup and the lenses before&after.

Makeup w/o lenses:

w/ lenses before&after:

With the lenses on, my eyes look more baby doll-like and a lot softer, great for this look.. I really, really love this colour. Although it's grey, under flash it looks kinda like mysterious blue. After reading Connie's FAQs on her contacts, I was pretty sure Angel Grey was a good colour to start with, since I was a coloured contacts-newbie. The only down side about the lenses is that after maybe 6++ hours, it starts to feel really dry so I don't recommend long hours wearing it unless you use eyedrops.


Anyways, back to the look..

For my whole face, I contoured the cheeks, nose and eyes. If you're unsure on how to contour the cheeks, all you have to do is suck in your cheeks as hard as you can and the shadow should be where you brush on a darker shade of colour. Use angled brushes such as the MAC 168 for easier application. I used my MAC Brnzing powder in Golden. The only thing is that it's a bit orangey once applied too much. For my eyes, I used highlighting shades from the CS 88 colour palette to highlight the entire eye especially under the brows (lighter). And I used my L'oreal Liquid Foundation, which is getting a little too light for me. *sighs, too much sun.

For my lips, I used Impassioned Amplified Lipstick from MAC which is a bright fuschia but it looks a bit reddish on me. And a layer of Vaseline (Amplified lipsticks chap my lips up) before Estee Lauder Lipgloss in Fresh Berry (A really pretty red lipgloss. must-have)..

What I used:

Oh and I used Etude House Baby Skin Base which is a makeup base to make my skin softer(read my review) and also the MAC Irisdescent Pressed Powder in Delicacy. Oh, oh and I used Dior Skin Flash in 002 as a highlighter also to prime my lid, I really like the results from this one.

The eyelashes:

I used the MAC #7 (must have staple) with another random pair together with the outer part of the lashes thisker and longer so it droops and creates the doe-eye effect. You can glue the lashes slightly more on the outer part of the eyes so the droopy effect is more obvious.

We ate at the Ko-Fu-Loft (previously known as the Food Loft) at Gurney Plaza.

Other than the duck rice which tasted semi-delicious, all the other dishes were below expectation. The rice was cold BTW, the Kangkong Belacan (Water Convolvulous) was overcooked and it took forever for them to serve.

But anyway, here's a final pic of me before I end the post (lol, vain much)

And, to my haul.

Not much of a haul except for the Pearl Drops Tooth Polish (Tooth Paste) that guarantees whiter, brighter teeth in just 3 weeks! Lol, we'll see. It retails at RM 31.55(I think) after 15% discount at the Watsons' Stores.

It came with a whitening guide (ruler), similar to Garnier BodyLight except for teeth, I must say, I'm impressed. Review on that after 3 weeks.


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