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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Best Saturday Yet

Ahh.. What beautiful Saturday afternoons where you get to wake up after exhaustion from the week and eat brunch in your 'jammies and find this in your mailbox..

What a curious looking box..

Inspect it a little and you find that this mysterious object seems to be very familiar. It looks like something you've dreamt of, and you know what?

That's exactly what it is:
As I opened the box thinking omg, this is so exciting, I hold my breath and it is the COASTAL SCENTS 88 COLOUR PALETTE which I've have been dreaming of since I saw it last year and I thought, when am I gonna have one.

Little did I forget that I paid RM 90 (inclusive of postage fees and all kinds of weird charges) to BlushBerry's Haze Long last week. Click for her site.

The dark green is 1/4 chipped (*heart-broken) but other than that, it arrived safe and sound *thank heavens and that also means that 99.71% of my palette is still intact.

Oh just look at those beautiful, pigmented, rich colours. Every one of 'em sitting in their pans, waiting to be used.

*slaps face.. Ok, I'm awake.

So this means more looks, a whole lot more and definitely a review on this thing. Oh and since I really wasn't bothered with swatches (I mean come on, there's 88 of each) so I found a good post with complete swatches in case you haven't seen them. Click!

And of course, here's my first look.

What I did was basically orange on the lid and gold-yellow on the inners plus purple in crease.

Some pink blush (Stage in Iris, somehow it looks peach on my camera, actually everything looks peach on mmy camera. grr.) and nude peachy lipgloss(Definit'e in Winter Valley) and I'm good to go.

And we went to Queensbay so J could use up my Stage makeover voucher which was expiring that day. And that leads to a post on the new collection at Stage, Floral Fatale, coming up on Wednesday, hopefully.

It was raining on Saturday and the weather was real gloomy.

But, I hope you guys had a great weekend and til next saturday... XOXO


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