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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Black Smokey Eyes+GEO Angel Grey Lenses

This look wasn't inspired by anything but I thought wth, I'll just do black since it goes well with the lenses. I do think dark blue eyes go well with black but my grey lenses work as well. This wasn't really hard to do as I used a few colours and I followed my natural crease.




What I used:

Everything was kept simple and minimal. Same lashes from previous post. Sheer baby pink on the lips with Way To Love Lustre Lipstick from MAC layered with Estee Lauder Star Pink Lipgloss. Anna Sui Blush in 700 (very sheer and natural on medium-toned skin), it really adds that super-natural glow. As for foundation, I used my L'oreal Liquid Foundation with a super-blendable formula, short review on that very soon.


I still can't get over GEO Angel Grey Contacts. They're just so natural on camera. Note: It may look a little dolly in real life, but that's just perfect.. I really think this was my best buy of the month.. Wait till I get more!

Aww, it's such a cute little pup.

Haul (HUGE!!):

I went to the Biotherm Counter and bought:
Biotherm Aquasource Cleanser and Toner and got samples of the cleansing milk and the new Revitalising Skin Perfector(makes skin super-super soft)

From Sasa, I got:
Cyber Colors Natural Dolly Eyes in 02 Charming Lashes, which is somewhat similar to the e.l.f. one I really, really want but a lot sparser *sigh.. Click for pic of e.l.f. lashes. Along with Inuovi Undercover Undereye Concealer which I had to get after reading the review from My Women Stuff. Click! I never really needed undereye concealer till lately. Tsk.Tsk.

After that, we went to the Guardian store at Penang Plaza and I found My Beauty Diary at the new Guardian which is huge!!!

So after pondering on which mask I should try first, I came home with the Rose-extract one that whitens and brightens dull, sallow looking skin. Also, some Face Cleansing Wipes by Nivea. These are just super convenient for my lazy days where I just wanna get all the gunk off my face and *plopp* into bed. In comparison, I've tried the Simple Cleansing face wipes and I found my skin tingly after usage which was weird as I didn't rub too hard but I guess my skin doesn't sit well with that wipe.

Finally, here's my haul from MAC!!! OMG, I'm just super-duper, extremely happy and totally excited about. I have new BRUSHES!! MAC BRUSHES!!!

It came in a fancy box with a tatoo-like design which is from their new collection (it doesn't have a name, or, at least, I haven't heard of it). It costed me a whopping RM250. But I get 5 brushes which means each brush averages at RM 50 in Small Editions!!

I just love, love, love, love (a trillion times), love my new brushes!!! They actually have 2 different brush sets and 2 diferent lipstick sets available now.

This one has the #275SE #212SE #194SE #168SE #187SE.

Ok, so let's take a closer look.
Firstly, the #275SE is an angled eye shadow brush made of natural bristles which is used to contour the eye area but for Asians with little lid space, I'll most probably use it to contour my nose. It fits snugly there.
The #212SE is a flat eyeliner brush. It's made of synthetic hair, typical of eyeliner brushes.
The #194SE is a long flat concealer brush. Good for concealing which is exactly what I intend to use it for.

The #168SE is an angled face brush made of what I assume is white goat hair and it's really densed so I'll be using it for contouring as it offers more control.

Lastly, the #187SE which is just a short-handled version of the full-size #187 Duo Fibre Face Brush.. for RM 50, I must be dreaming!

Comparing this to the Etude House Duo Fibre Face Brush, the #187SE (or the #187 in general), the hair segment is longer, while the handle is shorter.

The diameter of both brushes are the same, it's just that the length of the #187 makes it a lot fluffier. The #187 is sparser if compared to the Etude House Duo Fibre. The Etude House Brush is firmer compared to the #187 so I think the Etude House Duo Fibre serves well as a blush brush whereas the #187 as a face brush. Using the stippling method, the #187 will work well to give more natural coverage with liquid foundation as the Etude House Brush is denser, making the foudation to thick a layer.

The inside of the pretty pouch that came with the brush set even had MAC lining on the inside. Boy am I one lucky girl.

I'll be doing more detailed reviews on all my MAC brushes soon.

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