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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I have Ipanemas?

This is a pair of flip flops I got somewhere in HK when mine just gave out from all the walking. So initially I thought this was really ugly (no offence but I still do) but desperate as I was, I just took it. (Gold is a flattering colour) And it's been 2 years, this shoe is still as spongy and comfy as it was when I first bought, only, I just learnt yesterday, from a friend, that they were Ipanemas. Ok, I KNOW what an Ipanema is, I swear, and I heard that they were ugly but comfortable, also that they are by Gisele. Who knew the ugly pair of flip flops I have grown to love was just that??

Anyway, when I got home, I took a closer peep at the label. HAH!! There printed were the words "IPANEMA" and I was just beyond shocked.

I remember that they were expensive but, Ipanemas?? In my wildest dreams.

Click! for the link to their website.


2 people say ❤...:

Blair said...

LOL, it isn't thaaaat ugly ;p

*aly L. said...

Haha, can't say they are anymore..

*whispers 'they're IPANEMAS.'