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Monday, August 10, 2009

Inuovi's ❤

It's a Monday afternoon and I went to the post office to collect my mysterious package.

What was inside?? Well, haven't you read the title??
This is my prize from the Inuovi giveaway hosted by

Other than 2 pairs of eyelashes, a fan bursh and a foundation brush(super soft!!), I never really ventured into Inuovi cosmetics. Just like all the other girls, packaging does matter to me. Not that I entirely decide on buying something just because it's pretty(but it happens ocassionally), I do like MAC and their permanent line isn't much on packaging either but I feel that Inuovi makes the packaging look a little cheap and might not be as attractive to most consumers.

So, anyway, changing the subject, here are all the swatches and mini reviews.

Cheek Blush in Urbanite.

Urbanite is a peach colour with a hint of pink. Very natural but this has very light shimmers, hardly noticeable. The cheek blush from Inuovi has very smooth texture. When squeezed out of the tube, it's creamy but once it's smoothed out, it blends into the skin very well and I didn't use any brush. I really think this is a good product for easy makeup.

Ivoluxe Lipstick in Lush.

This is a pink with a light peach undertone. I think this is a really pretty colour for a casual day out. Not sure how it will look on my lips. Definitely gonna use it in one of my looks soon. It has a smooth and buttery texture so it glides on really easy.

Fluidliner in Noir.

Trucolour D30 Eyeshadow in Arabian Black.

Metallogy Eyeshadow in Tin.

As for the Fluidliner, it's quite black and it glides on easy but I haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure about smudging *crosses fingers, we'll see. Tin, is a very pretty, khaki with gold shimmers and it looks dirty green, Arabian Black is a matte black e/s similar to MAC's Carbon but this is quite powdery and it doesn't stick well on the skin. It looks slightly grainy but it feels fine.

Can't really be certain coz I haven't tried any of it on my face but I'll definitely talk about it once I start using them.

Oh and I also received a pair of falsies. They're the webbie kind.

Pro Lash EX 04.

I'm super excited about all my new goodies and I'll definitely try'em out this weekend so stay tuned.

PS: Click! to see where I got this from.

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