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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The secret of Kinder Joy REVEALED!!

I know this is such an immature post to be doing, not to mention just such a disgrace to my previous post,

Black Smokey Eyes+GEO Angel Grey Lenses

but, you gotta admit, if this was available in your country (in my case, Malaysia), you'd be dying to find out what the huge surprise was about. In the tv ads, they just keep repeating how it's a 3-in-1 surprise and a delight for all.

Curious as I was and annoyed that I even succumbed to this humiliation of falling for their well-played gimmick to trick young children into buying unnecessary things, I took one to the cashier and now, I shall reveal to you what all the "surprise" is about.

ps: If you haven't bought one and are still waiting for the day you have the urge to just buy it already, then you probably shouldn't scroll any further. Don't wanna ruin the 'surprise' for you.

Kinder Joy is priced at RM4 here in Malaysia, wth!!

Step 1: Peel the egg apart.

Left Hand Side-2 suspiciously-looking lumps of wafer-y chocolate in milk chocolate soup(harden)
Right Hand Side-Some weird plastic object that looks like a figure of a human head. Also, another plastic layer with ?? covering the contents in the RHS egg piece.

Step 2: Peel plastic layer to reveal RHS contents.

RHS-Some weird plastic thing again. Shape unidentifiable with paper folded.

Step 3: Identify plastic object.

Findings: Some lame-a** magnifying glass. Shape still unidentifiable.

Step 4: Identify folded paper.

Findings: Some weird warning paper (Note: Not suitable for children under 7), disposed. Underneath it lies a couple of the same scuba frog stickers.

Step 5: Dispose of plastic objects and identify RHS contents.

Findings: Smells like chcolate.

Step 6: Get a spoon!

Findings: the white substance is identified as milk chocolate. Beneath it lies a darker chocolate and the wafers are actually chcolate and nut-coated.

After finishing the chocolate, I conclude that the Kinder Joy is well not-worth the money. Probably worth it if I was, say 5 but the chocolate was quite tasty, except that I find that the inconvenience of getting a spoon is just despicable.

That said,

The plastic object in the figure of a human head has just been identified as a small spatula!

Lol, a 5-year-old probably would have known that...

The joke's on me.


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Cookie said...

"plastic object in the figure of a human head has just been identified as a small spatula!"

That just made me LOL! ^^

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