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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The latest collection from Stage Cosmetics is the Floral Fatale which features bright, floral colours to add that zest off summer to all your looks. These include the Floral Frenzy and Floral Flirtation eyeshadow palettes, 2 new false lashes, dreamcatcher and stardust, 2 new lipglosses, 2 new lipsticks, 2 new nail colours in Vivacious and Fascinating, 2 new Wonder Lipglosses in Lucina and Electra, Standing Ovation Mascara in Purple Power and Liquid Eyeliner in Eucalyptus.

I checked out the Stage in Queensbay quite a number of times but I really couldn't get myself to purchase any of the palettes. Read on for more.


The Floral Frenzy Palette RM 135

It features a chalky white, bitter yellow, shimmer orange, frosty pink and baby blue (they call it turquoise) shadows.. Stage eye shadows are quite powdery to begin with but the new palettes are slightly less powdery but I found that the white had a more chalky finish to it. The palette came with a double-ended eyeshadow brush which made this 'slimmer than usual' eyeshadow palette even more convenient.

The Floral Flirtation Palette RM135

This palette features a shimmery, silver white, bitter yellow(same as Floral Frenzy), shimmer green, baby pink and burgundy eyeshadows. This palette is more on the shimmer side.

Generally, my thoughts about the palette is that it's really great for those who really like traveling and traveling light as with either one of these palettes, it's 5x5=at least 25 different eye looks for any occassion. Also, the Floral Frenzy shadows were kinda pastel so careful if you have darker skin tones whereas the Floral Flirtation has safer shades which suit most.

Besides the new lashes, Stardust and Dreamcatcher, Stage offers 5 other lashes which are all synthetic and very wearable depending on the occassion. The lashes range from RM 25-35. Personally, I find that the Basic(first one in pic)RM 25 is very good for layering with other lashes. It is very natural and the base of the eyelash is made with quality.

Stage also features the Opening Act Complexion Enhancer RM 68 which acts as a makeup base to blend foundation on better. Click for Connie's review. The face products then split into 2 categories, Picture Perfect and Studio Perfect. Stage also has it's own makeup removers, eyelash curler and nail polish removers besides the usual range of makeup stuff.

One of the things I just enjoy buying endlessly would have to be lipgloss. And here are the few that caugh my eye, The Wondergloss Lipglosses are priced at RM 55 and the packaging is somewhat similar to the Laura Mercier Lipglosses and these smell like Vanilla or like a MAC.

Sophia and Helen are both nude shades of lipgloss while Catherine, Wonderlust Moisturising Lipstick is a frosty red (the pic makes it look kinda grapey, but I swear it's not) which is a good shade to start if you don't wear red often. The Wonderlust Lipstick really remind me of the MAC Slimshines packaging-wise and also they're moisturising properties whilst giving a glossy finish.

Oh anf before I forget, Stage has a very good website,
Click for website, click for website! Did you click? Click!!

Stage Beauty Menu

and here is the latest promotion

And here is a look I'm gonna try out real soon. with.. my CS 88 colour palette!!!!! omg, so excited.

BTW, I didn't buy anything from Stage because I'm still saving up for more MAC stuff. Oh and I apologise for the crappy pictures, I just can't get my camera to work.

Oh and here's an interesting review (not to miss) on the differences (or more like similarities) between Stage and MAC. Click!


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