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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've made a new Banner for my blog. Don't think I'll be changing it anymore *phew. Hopefully.

And since I'm pretty sure "some" of you might miss me over the weekends, hopefully (as well), I've decided to give you a preview of what you should expect (anticipate) from my blog this weekend since I'll take forever to pick a few out of my 300++ photos to put up on my blog..

I'll be doing a look on the "Red", She said poster card which I found. The theme is very pinup girl with innocent eyes. I've already done it already but I'll be posting it up a little later (I'm a pig).

Oh and I'll be wearing my new GEO lenses in that look..

And I'm gonna be doing the M&M Series where I will do simple looks based on the different M&M colours just to keep myself preoccupied.

So stay tuned to that..

PS: I finally, finally put up my wish list --->
Check it out.

Gosh, I'm so excited..

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