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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mooncake Festival Special

My family gets a lot of mooncakes near the mooncake festival so I decided to post up some of the yummy moncakes for those of you planning to get some before the festival. Most of you are gonna go, Huh?? What's that? Well, if you dunno, Click! here. Most companies selling mooncakes make extra money from the exquisite packaging of each mooncake and they usually come in pairs in a delicate box. One mooncake averages at about RM 10 in Malaysia.

Here's a package from Purple Cane Enterprise.

Super-adorable lantern shaped box.

Black Tea&Red Bean Paste Flavour.

White Lotus Paste Flavour.

This one is really unique cuz most mooncakes come it a round shape and are golden-brown in colour. This one however, is in an unconventional square-shape with a green skin.

I can't give you descriptions of the taste cuz I had so many different mooncake so far and I don't seem to be able to remember anything. Rest-assured, each mooncake comes in a unique flavour and they taste quite good.

Along with the mooncakes, Purple Cane sells green tea.

Green tea is rumoured to
a)make waists smaller
b)dissolve fats from oily food and
c)reduce risks of serious illnesses

So I made myself a cup.

And with some sugar, green tea taste super-super good!
Hopefully I'll wake up to a smaller waist tomorrow!

For more info, visit

Happy Mooncake Festival!


Anita's First Giveaway

Just a few simple RuLeS
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Lola's Giveaway

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stage Nail Polish in Delicate

I got this shade from Stage quite a while back. At the time, it was the perfect colour I was looking for.

The website didn't really describe the colour. And they don't sell online either.

I think it started getting streaky after a few applications. The polish got really guppy and now, if I don't put on a thick layer, the finish will be streaky.

If layered on thickly, the colour is a very light peachy-pink with gold glitter.

It looks really good on fair skin tones but I find it too pink for my liking. I really wanted OPI Have A Tempura Tan-trum but it has been discontinued. The OPI one had a yellow undertone which would have suited my skin tone better.

Nevertheless, this is still a very pretty colour. For those who wish to buy it, it's only available in stores...


Monday, September 28, 2009

MAC Lipstick Swatches

I'm still very new to MAC(or so I think) and there are a lot of things from MAC I haven't got to try but one of the things I love about MAC is their range of lipstick. It has almost all the colours under the sun and the texture of the lipsticks can suit different people. Today, I post up some swatches of the lipsticks from MAC that I own (but I borrowed Bombshell from my sis) so all of you who haven't gotten any MAC lipsticks can start thinking about it.
From L-R: MAC Frost in Bombshell, MAC Lustre in Way to Love, MAC Frost in Angel and MAC Amplified in Impassioned.

MAC Frost Lipstick in Bombshell.

A shade of mid-tone pink with very fine gold flecks in it. This is a very unique shade of pink and my pic really doesn't do it justice.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Way to Love.

This is my very first MAC lipstick and I love it the best. Way to Love is a sheer pink lipstick and the pink is very light. Perfect for naturally-pink looking lips. I don't recommend this colour for girls with pigmented lips cuz Lustre's are very sheer. However, you can wear this shade over a layer of foundation to create supple pink lips(for those with pigmented lips).

MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel.

The obvious difference between Angel and Way to Love is that Angel has a plum-y tint to the pink. It's not as sheer as Way to Love and it has a frosty finish to the lips. The plum in this colour makes me shun it a little cuz it emphasises my already-purple-lips. However, I have read many good reviews on this colour so it should work well on those with naturally-pink-lips.

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Impassioned.

Impassioned is actually a fuschia-near-red colour but somehow it just looks red on my camera. I love, love, love this colour cuz it's very pigmented so when I wear it, you can't tell my natural lip colour (which is an icky purple-brown). Amplified lipsticks suits pigmented lips the best or just anyone who wants to wear a loud colour with a lasting finish.

All in all, my pigmented lips make me stay away from plummy shades or lustre's which don't help to conceal my real lip colour at all but instead enhances it.

I hope this helped if you're looking into any of the shades I just reviewed.


Random Haul

This is a collection of some of the random things I bought quite a while ago. Lots of reviews and comparisons piling up on my To-Blog list..

Majolica Majorca Liquid Eyeliner BK999

Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Shampoo & Conditioner

Popteen July&August issues. Love!