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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Juicy Couture-Inspired Look

Xukeia is a huge fan of Juicy Couture. So am I but as we don't have Juicy in Penang, I don't really stalk the website or stay updated with their latest products. This look was inspired by Xukeia's Juicy Couture pouch (below) which was a hot pink bag with yellow-green words.


Oh and I am proud to report to Tamara that I have had an eyebrow pluck! Lol. Thanks girl. Now my brows are tweezed and groomed into place. But not for long cuz I had really bushy, monobrows when I was a kid and I still do if I didn't go for the endless eyebrow grooming services at Chanel.

This look was on Sunday when I had to catch an evening flight back to Penang.. *sniffs.

I used:
L'Oreal True Match Foundation in R2 Apricot Ivory
MAC MSF Natural in Medium
MAC Sheertone Blush In Pink Swoon

CS 88 Colour Palette A2.C3.G6.J8
MAC Royal Assets e/s Rondelle
Majolica Majorca Liquid Eyeliner in BK999

Fasio Full Glossy Lips in 810 Cherry Ice (lovin' it!)


Camwhoring in the car:

As usual, Xukeia had a tongue piercing. What so usual is the fact that she always does these craazy things. I bet she's gonna get a tatoo next!

*sniff.sniff... Back to Penang, back to trials and back to the hellhole.


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