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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mooncake Festival Special

My family gets a lot of mooncakes near the mooncake festival so I decided to post up some of the yummy moncakes for those of you planning to get some before the festival. Most of you are gonna go, Huh?? What's that? Well, if you dunno, Click! here. Most companies selling mooncakes make extra money from the exquisite packaging of each mooncake and they usually come in pairs in a delicate box. One mooncake averages at about RM 10 in Malaysia.

Here's a package from Purple Cane Enterprise.

Super-adorable lantern shaped box.

Black Tea&Red Bean Paste Flavour.

White Lotus Paste Flavour.

This one is really unique cuz most mooncakes come it a round shape and are golden-brown in colour. This one however, is in an unconventional square-shape with a green skin.

I can't give you descriptions of the taste cuz I had so many different mooncake so far and I don't seem to be able to remember anything. Rest-assured, each mooncake comes in a unique flavour and they taste quite good.

Along with the mooncakes, Purple Cane sells green tea.

Green tea is rumoured to
a)make waists smaller
b)dissolve fats from oily food and
c)reduce risks of serious illnesses

So I made myself a cup.

And with some sugar, green tea taste super-super good!
Hopefully I'll wake up to a smaller waist tomorrow!

For more info, visit

Happy Mooncake Festival!


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eki said...

ohh those cakes looks so good! very traditional :D

also thank you so much for the sweet comment! you put a smile on my face and I really appreciate your message <3 thank you! :3

ps loving your new layout<3

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