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Friday, September 4, 2009

Square or Oval Face Shape?

Square or Oval??

While I should be spending my time studying for the 'dreaded' trials, this question has had me puzzled for one whole week. I've unabashedly googled 'face shapes' and 'determining face shapes', visiting countless sites, trying to figure out this simple question..

I do know that I have:
a) Prominent cheekbones.
b) An oh-kay forehead (It's not as wide as it looks on camera)
c) Between pointy and round chin.

Do I have a square or oval face shape?? Or diamond?

What do you think?

7 people say ❤...:

Rita *Lala* said...

oh i really never understood this! some people say I have square face others say I have round face :S And I google a lot about this too because I wanted to find the perfect hairstyle for my face shape! too complicated! i still don't know my face shape!

*aly said...

Haha.. Well, IMO I think you have a long face?? But maybe it's coz of your fringe, haha, actually your chin makes your face look heart-shape. Ohh, I don't think these face shapes make any sense. I'll definitely be asking my hair dresser about this.

SKayylove said...

i would say square or heart shaped :)
a great heart shaped face girls are mary-kate & ashley so you could look at their hairstyles?


*aly said...

I love their face shape but unfortunately, my chin doesn't really jut out.. Haha, but it kinda does? Anyway, I did a google search and their hair looks good when it's middle-parted.. I look like a retard with a middle-parting.. Lol. Thanks for the suggestion!

LovelyKimi said...

i like your face

shell xx said...

hey babe! sorry for this creepy comment, but i'm interested in getting geo angel grey contact lenses. Could you go on my blog and tell me whether it's comfortable for you, noticeable and stuff like that :)? Thank youu!
P.s, I also have dark brown eyes, would the grey show, I'm worried it won't :(

Ida Pie said...

There are more face shapes than oval and square.
I'd say you have a Heart Shaped face