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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Asian Makeup Gone Wrong

This look really reminded me of Connie's video on Asian Makeup Gone Horribly Wrong (lol, that was a great video) and well, this was on the same day that I
a) Had a bad hair day (if my bangs are pinned up, that's what it is)
b) Had a bad lip day (when I can't seem to fix my pigmented lips w/ a little makeup)
c) Had a bad skin day (when I minimize concealing to get an au naturel look but my skin still looks like shi* and then I just load on concealer but I still look like a pimple face and also a tart)
d) Had a low battery sign on my camera (so I didn't get to cam-whore for the hours that I usually do and I couldn't even take pictures of my haul after getting home before I went to sleep which makes me pi*sed cuz I like doing all that before I go to bed)
e) Didn't and couldn't get anything from Style Black (read previous post)

so all in all, it was a rather bad day technically but I was still happy cuz I bought a huge-ass red suitcase for London!!! (if you didn't already know, I'm going to London next year!!! x) Yay, you'll just have to stay tuned next year for the adventures there) And also the Dazzleglass Creme that I settled for after having nothing else to buy at MAC that was limited eedition really cheered me up a bit. I guess, in life, you don't always get what you want and The Makeup Snob's post about How long new makeup stuff can make you happy really got me thinking.

If I bought 2 dazzleglasses on the same day,
will I be as excited
If I bought 1 dazzleglass?

And the answer is yes! so just a single item from MAC (escpecially lipglosses cuz they smell SO GOOD!) can make me really, really happy and extremely, exxtremely cheerful, no matter how bad the day is.

Thank you once again for bearing with me. =) I babble a lot..

*Random Haul


3 people say ❤...:

Zoe said...

I think it looks great, love it^^

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

Your eye looks great! I know what you mean! We are on the same page.. I get just as excited too over 1 thing lol!!

*aly said...

@Zoe: Thank you once again.

@Sara: Thank you. I really enjoy reading your blog. =)