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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Dark Side of A Pretty Pink Box

Ok, this is a weird title but I'm not talking about My Pretty Pink Box. This is about a pretty pink box holding moon cakes.

The box has 2 compartments, unfortunately, the 2 moon cakes from the upper compartment were given away to someone. This box is just so pretty! Love it!
And the box with the mooncakes came in this pretty pink paper bag.

More info:

The 2 mooncakes left:

So I tried this one first,

It is such an exotic flavour of mooncake.
So I sliced it,
What was inside:

I tasted it, and it was HORRIBLE!

The ingredients read chicken floss along with a bunch of nuts.

I had to spit it out immediately.
Funny thing is, my dad who rarely eats sweet stuff said he wanted a slice, so I gave him a tiny slice and once he put it into his mouth, he had to spit it out too!

Only my mom resisted and ate half of it.

EEKS!!! Chicken floss can never taste good in a mooncake.

NOTE to self: No chicken floss in my mooncakes ever again!

I don't think I'm gonna try the other one.


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