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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Look by Vera Wang.

Having heard of it some time back I never really bothered finding it cuz I'm such a non-perfume-user. I barely have time to finish my makeup whatsmore spray some perfume but somehow when I just happen to come across it, I just immediately want it. It smells kinda lie orchids but in a very subtle, mesmerizing way.

I wouldn't really say that I don't have any perfumes, in fact I have three, two of which are Vera Wang's:
Vera Wang by Vera Wang

Princess by Vera Wang.

This one I absolutely adore. The combination of vanilla, honet and etc just creates this perfect scent for all the girly-girls out there who will never settle for anything less.

And finally, Look by Vera Wang
which I don't own(yet), hopefully someone gets it for my birthday? *hint hint ;)


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Angela said...

I absolutely love the Vera Wang Princess

I am a new follower and love you blog