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Sunday, October 18, 2009

MAC Style Black Disappointment

I think "MAC Gurney Plaza disappointment" should be a more appropriate
title. Having anticipated this collection (and every other MAC
collection) for 2 months cuz this is Malaysia, I never want to miss
anything and having to get the most out of each collection is the only
perk of living in Malaysia and having MAC collections approx. 2 months
after its official launch, I was really exited about Style Black, I
mean who wouldnt't be? I even dressed for the ocassion.(in next post)

Having read the launch reviews and swatches from sites like temptalia
and reading about US bloggers' reviews after buying and trying the
products for themselves, I've always been more than happy to know
exactly what I wanna get from each collection and I meticulously save
up for each collection.

Having done so for style black and knowing that I'd die for those e/s,
those freakin e/s!! I had all my finances planned out. And when
Saturday arrives and I reach Gurney Plaza safe and sound, everything's
sold out!!!! Only thing left was the dirty gold e/s (what's the name)
and the kohl eyeliner. Oh! How disappointed I was. I just felt my
stomach drop and my flaming spirits doused with cold, cold water.

Back to reality.
1. Nothing left for me to buy
2. Mummy says that's a good thing cuz I spend less (#%!@*!)
3. I was just starting my MAC obsession, how could they do this to me!
4. Who's to blame? *sigh
5. So I came back with
a) MAC Dazzleglass Creme in Soft Dazzle (thank heavens cuz for one
minute I was thinking of letting it go as I was just too disappointed
to buy anything but rest assured, I still did and I'm glad I did
because it is fabulous!)
b) MAC e/s in Ricepaper (waited for 2 yrs just to get this one)
c) Biotherm Aquasource Moisturiser (as planned)

During my mist of disappointment, I did remember MA Tammy telling me
about how they only had 6 of one item (e/s or something) coming in.
And I did read lipglosseater's post that evening about how some of the
stuff didn't even arrive (and never will).

I must say that this is no way to do business. MAC may be a huge ass
cosmetic brand and as much as I love and obsess about it, I am really
pis*ed at how this could possibly happen. Imagine, there was nothing
left and only a few days after the launch. 6 pieces for a single item?
And all of the penangites and seberang prai-nites have to fight over
it? Oh, where's the logic in this?!!

But anyways, if you have made it to this sentence, I really have to
apologise for ranting about useless things like these cuz a teeny
bopper like me(or in this case, tiny MAC buyer) couldn't possibly do
anything about it and I really do hope you all had a great weekend.
Thank you for reading. =) I was never looked good in black anyways..

*hyperventilates: forgive, forget, forgive forget..

**EDIT: And just when I'm ready to hit the "PUBLISH POST" button, I
face some sort of internet error. Geez, how can it get any worser than
this.. Thank goodness I activated my e-mail blogging a long, long time
ago. x) No pictures for now but I promise to put them up once I find a
wy out of this crappy connection.

4 people say ❤...:

xSplendidStar said...

I love the way you write!!! Wow it sold out pretty quick. Don't know if it happens in London but then again I know a couple of stores I can go to, to get it :D But MAC is still too expensive T_T but will buy something for the Christmas season hehe, I mostly want the brushes especially the pencil and stippling one.

Ohh irfan view? I just checked it out hehe. I use photoshop to watermark my images. I know how to make it a faster process but I'm just lazy to do it lol =_=.

Oh my brows are no where near groomed >.< I never pluck it, hurts too much T______T they look so uneven it's unbelievable and I don't know how to draw the shape better coz all I do is fill in the sparse areas *sigh* And your brows look fine!!! They're longer than mine :)

Hope your internet gets faster coz mine was very slow a couple of weeks ago and I had to call the company up and do some DYIng.


Angela said...

sorry to hear they all sold out
but 6 each is definitely not enough

Angela said...
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Ahleessa said...

I'm just blog hopping and I had to comment. I love your name... hehe~ :X That's my nickname for my real name... wheee~ :)